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The Big Star Who Visited Pawn Stars To Verify Their Autographed Poster

Now that "Pawn Stars" has gone through 18 seasons, it's gained a lot of popularity amongst both non-famous viewers and celebrities. That means nowadays you really don't know what is going to come through those doors. So when a man brings in an autographed poster, fans know there's a chance we could be seeing the author of the famous autograph themselves, depending on if they're near Las Vegas during the time of the episode.

At the same time, now that Rick Harrison has garnered enough attention to be recognized as a legitimate pawn dealer with valuable items, these celebrities might even try to strike up a deal. It's brought a new and fun twist to the show, which has been around since 2009. Although this isn't the first time a big star has come into the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop (and we hope it's not the last), this might be the biggest start to make an appearance yet.

Dennis Quaid makes a deal

In Season 18, a man brings in a movie poster for a Ronald Reagan biopic set to be released in 2022. Not only does this poster lack a rating, increasing the value because of its early production, but it's signed by the star of the movie, Dennis Quaid. The owner of the poster is confident the signature is legitimate, but Rick doesn't trust anyone. To verify the signature, he calls in the famous actor to check out the poster.

Quaid, who is known for his lead role in 1998's "The Parent Trap" and 2004's "The Day After Tomorrow," is shocked this man owns this poster. Originally Quaid had signed and given it to producer Mark Joseph, who then gave it to this man. The famous actor gives the two guys a background on his affiliation with Reagan and the upcoming movie. It doesn't take long for Quaid the verify his signature, and neither does the deal the follows. The man asks for $350 and quickly gets bargained down to $200. The real winner of the episode happened to be Rick, who convinced Quaid to join him for dinner later that day to show some Reagan memorabilia.

Rick offers the actor a worn flight cap, a handwritten note, and a medallion with the patron saint of actors to Quaid, who is interested in all of it. After hard negotiation, Quaid decides to buy the medal for $2,750 plus dinner. Rick makes almost $3,000 off one customer, proving just how good a salesman he is.