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This Is What It's Really Like To Visit The Shop From Pawn Stars

Longtime fans of "Pawn Stars" should be delighted to know they are welcome to check out where the show is filmed. If you're ever in Las Vegas and have some free time, you can go over to the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop and see where the magic happens. If you're lucky, there won't be a long line, and you can go inside relatively quickly. But if you're really lucky, you might even catch owner Rick Harrison or one of the other well-known employees right after they shoot an episode.

Before you pack your bags and book a spontaneous trip to Las Vegas, you should know what to expect when visiting the pawnshop. Although it's a great experience to visit a set of one of your favorite TV shows, not everything on the big screen is how it seems. Check out what it's really like to visit the shop from "Pawn Stars."

Small store and long lines

When visiting the shop in "Pawn Stars," the first thing you will notice is that it is very structured in terms of how they let people in. Often, there is a line to get in, and someone at the front of the store keeps track of occupancy. As soon as a few people walk out, they will let a few more go inside. That's because the shop in Pawn Stars is pretty narrow, according to a reviewer for Wander Wisdom.

That's right — even though the TV show makes the shop look spacious, it really isn't. That's because it has been separated into two distinct sections. The first section is the showroom, which is the one everyone expects to see when they visit. This room is long and narrow but features items all around. Many of them are in glass cases, but some more oversized items are on the walls.

The other section is expected, but not seen in the series: a gift shop. This is a relatively new addition to the shop, which was constructed following the start of production in 2009. It only made sense to include that, and it brought in more money for Rick.

You probably won't see anyone you know from Pawn Stars

The next thing fans want to know when visiting the shop in "Pawn Stars" is if they will have an opportunity to meet any of their favorite employees, such as Corey Harrison or Chumlee. It's possible but unlikely for a few reasons. First, because the main characters in the show are usually only there to film episodes. When an episode is being filmed, the production crew will clear the entire shop. However, this is the best chance you will see one of the stars of the series. 

Lucky fans might get a chance to say "hi" or take a picture if they catch them at the right time and mood. "Occasionally, one of the superstars will come out from the back (where they produce the show every working day) and sign autographs for about an hour," Traveller reported. If that doesn't happen, fans will have a not-so-spectacular opportunity to take a picture with a cutout of Rick and The Old Man near the back of the shop.

You likely won't be seeing any of the regulars from "Pawn Stars" because they are off taking care of their other business ventures. Rick opened a BBQ restaurant across the street from the pawnshop called Rick's Rollin Smoke Barbeque & Tavern. Beneath the restaurant, you can find a candy store, Chumlee's Candy, owned and operated by Chumlee and his brother, Sage. Finally, in downtown Las Vegas, Corey opened a bar called The Beauty Bar, although the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that it closed down in 2019.

Unfortunately, Richard "The Old Man" Harrison died in 2018.

Here's what else you can expect inside the shop

Just because the shop in "Pawn Stars" doesn't immediately resemble what is shown on television, there are still plenty of cool things you can see while visiting the shop. At first, fans may be shocked by the store's smaller nature, but that doesn't take away from what's inside. Fans can still walk around and look at the items they have come through the store. There's a large section just for art, which is likely the most expensive thing you will see.

Another well-received aspect of visiting this store is that the employees are not afraid to answer any questions you may have, may it be about an item on display or something about the TV series. The truth is, the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop employees know precisely what they are getting into when they apply for the job. 

"One out of a hundred people who pass through the shop are there to do business," shop manager Travis Benton told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. "The rest are just there as fans of the show. "