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Big Sky Season 2 - What We Know So Far

Spoilers ahead for "Big Sky" Season 1!

As anyone who saw the pilot of "Big Sky" can attest, this is one show that isn't afraid of taking some major risks. At first, you just think the series will follow two detectives — Cody Hoyt (Ryan Phillippe) and Cassie Dewell (Kylie Bunbury) — as they not only solve crimes together but form a romantic partnership. Of course, things get complicated seeing as how Cody's ex-wife, Jenny (Katheryn Winnick), is still in the picture and also happens to be a detective who freelances for Cody's agency. 

It comes across like a thriller series you've seen a bunch of times before, but it all gets thrown into turmoil when Cody is murdered in the very first episode. Considering what a big name Ryan Phillippe is, it came as a shock to anyone watching when it first came out. The entire dynamic of what the show could be changed in an instant, and fans were hooked. 

Before the first season even ended, it was renewed for a second, promising even more twists and turns to come. Here's what to expect going into "Big Sky" Season 2.

What's the release date for Big Sky Season 2?

Season 1 of "Big Sky" came out in November of 2020 as was the case with many shows that year. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous productions had to go into suspension, so instead of new seasons of people's favorite shows airing in September as tends to be the case, they were pushed back in November and December. Assuming there are no similar delays further into 2021, it would make sense for "Big Sky" to follow suit with what's come in years past and be released in September of 2021. 

ABC already has several positions behind-the-scenes filled. Elwood Reid will become showrunner for "Big Sky" going into Season 2 (via Deadline). Reid served as executive producer for "Big Sky" starting halfway through Season 1, but he'll take over showrunner duties from the series creator, David E. Kelley, who also created the likes of "Ally McBeal" and "Big Little Lies." Kelley will still be part of the production as executive producer.

Who's in the cast for Big Sky Season 2?

More than likely, the cast will remain largely the same going into Season 2 of "Big Sky." Unless something drastic happens between now and then, that would mean Kylie Bunbury and Katheryn Winnick would reprise their roles. Their characters have been through a lot together throughout the first season, going from a shaky foundation to people who genuinely rely on each other. It'll be interesting to see what wrenches are thrown in their friendship during Season 2. 

Ryan Phillippe's character was dispatched fairly quickly in the show's run, but it wouldn't be surprising to see him make a return in the form of a flashback or vision. Obviously, that's just speculation as there's been no announcement either way about what Phillippe's involvement in the show will be moving forward, but keep an eye out for that. 

Other actors who could feasibly return to the series in new episodes include John Carroll Lynch, Brian Geraghty, Ted Levine, and Dedee Pfeiffer. Fun fact: Pfeiffer is Michelle Pfeiffer's sister, and Michelle Pfeiffer just so happens to be married to "Big Sky" creator David E. Kelley.

What's the plot for Big Sky Season 2?

Throughout "Big Sky" Season 1, Cassie and Jenny are on the trail of the men responsible for a series of abductions that have occurred in Montana as well as Cody's death. They may not like each other at first, but over time, they set aside their differences in order to bring some veneer of closure to Cody's life. 

Cassie and Jenny have been through a lot together, and while there currently aren't any plot details about where Season 2 could send them, it's safe to say they'll have another mystery on their hands. Big Sky country is a big place with plenty of thieves and murderers lurking about. Season 2 will likely see Cassie and Jenny settle into their own as a detective team that's there to solve the crimes the police can't. 

It'd be recommended to not always take what "Big Sky" offers at face value going into Season 2. The first season had its fair share of twists, and there's no reason Season 2 should be any different. It's best to keep in mind what "Big Sky" writer Maria Sten told Entertainment Weekly, "We've set up that no one is safe in this world and there are a lot of awful things that happen in the backwoods of Montana. So in that sense, we are very excited about introducing new characters, new story lines, new cases that will come to pepper the show and spice things up and throw a wrench in the day to day for Cassie and Jenny."