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The Show Like Demon Slayer That Anime Fans Need To See

Anime fans are likely familiar with the internationally renowned show "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba." Set in the Taisho Era of Japan, the popular shonen series follows a kindhearted teenager named Tanjiro Kamado. After a demon ruthlessly murders his family, he goes on a quest to become a demon slayer and enact revenge, while also hoping to cure his one surviving sister Nezuko, who has been transformed into a demon herself. It's an action-packed fantasy with stunning animation and an exhilarating plot that makes it easy to binge-watch in one sitting. There's also a movie sequel to the first season titled "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train," which gives fans another two hours of adventure to relish.

If you've recently watched "Demon Slayer" in its entirety and you're looking for something to fill the demon-sized void in your life, there are plenty of great shows to enjoy next. Keep reading to know more about the similar series that should be next on your watchlist.

Dororo is a twisted tale about demons

Fans of "Demon Slayer” will likely enjoy watching the dark fantasy shonen anime called "Dororo." Like "Demon Slayer," "Dororo" is set in a past era of Japan, though the exact date is different; the show takes place in the Sengoku Period. In "Dororo," a father makes a deal with demons and exchanges parts of his newborn son's body for power. The baby's limbs, facial features, and skin are stolen by the demons, and the boy (now named Hyakkimaru) is raised by a doctor who gives him prosthetics. Now grown up, Hyakkimaru hunts down the demons who stole his body parts, with a young sidekick named Dororo.

Though "Dororo" is decidedly darker than "Demon Slayer," both shows are set in the past, in worlds where demons and humans live amongst each other. The protagonists of each show go on demon-hunting journeys and are faced with many tough opponents, making for entertaining battles. Aside from the action and horror themes, both animes also have emotional sequences that help you root for the protagonists in their quests.

"Dororo" is available to watch on Amazon Prime.