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The Skins Scene That People Think Went Too Far

Back in the early 2000s, British teen drama "Skins" aimed to deliver a captivating story grounded in reality, showcasing the lives of normal teenagers as they navigated a tricky line between working hard at school and partying hard on a weekend. Think of it like the opposite side of the "Riverdale" coin; they weren't exactly solving murders in each episode, but they were always involved in fights and love triangles or scraping together cash to buy drugs for the next house party. It might've been deliriously weird at times, but the wild partying lifestyle often came with consequences that were devastating, as "Skins" took the opportunity to look at teen pregnancy, mental health, and addiction.

"Skins" boasted a truly impressive array of stars who have recently become some of the biggest British names in the last decade, with the likes of Daniel Kaluuya, Dev Patel, Nicholas Hoult, and Hannah Murray all appearing in the first two seasons of the show. At the time, it was plagued by complaints from older viewers and parents who were concerned "Skins" would glamorize drugs and have negative effects on younger generations, so it was never without controversy. But there's a moment in the fourth season that most audiences agree took "Skins" a little too far.

Season 4 revolved around a main character, Effy (Kaya Scodelario) who developed a form of psychosis and frequently had manic episodes in which she believed she was being chased by a group of creatures. But when she was institutionalized, her situation became even more desperate as her doctor, John Foster, started to use hypnotic techniques to transform her into an entirely new person.

The penultimate episode of Skins Season 4

By the penultimate episode of "Skins" Season 4, Effy's boyfriend Freddie (Luke Pasqualino) is desperate to help her, even agreeing to meet with Dr. John Foster at his home to try to work on a way to help his troubled girlfriend through the darkness. Unfortunately, John is obsessed with his underage patient and is trying to groom her for himself; it's a horrific revelation. But the truly devastating moment comes when Freddie attempted to leave John's house and the doctor responded by mercilessly beating him with a baseball bat. The audience never sees Freddie's death, only hearing the teenager's cries for help as John kept hitting him. It's more horrifying because the camera pulls out of the basement stairs where Freddie was trying to leave, showing a spray of blood hitting the glass inside as Freddie goes silent.

By not directly showing the violence, it forces the audience to imagine Freddie's horrific death for themselves. However, as Buzzfeed user averykate explained, the scene pushed "Skins" out of the realm of believability. "Everything about that show was over the top, but this scene went a little too far, especially since it was supposedly a relatable show about teenage life. It was hard for me to even be sad about Freddie being murdered because it felt so unnecessary and ridiculous."

The scene definitely made the show a little edgier than some viewers expected, but at least it was memorable. Thankfully, the final episode of Season 4 saw Freddie's violent best friend Cook investigate his disappearance, leading him to Foster's house, where he discovered Freddie's bloody clothes. The season ended on a cliffhanger with Cook leaping at Foster, presumably taking revenge for his best friend's murder.