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The Piece Of 1776 History That Sold For Over $1,000 On Pawn Stars

Most of the time, when someone brings something into "Pawn Stars," they have an idea of what they have. Whether or not they do, usually owner Rick Harrison will bring in an expert, and the owner will listen and take the appraisal seriously. Not Chad, who brings in a piece of 1776 history. He says with a laugh that he hopes to sell it to get drunk with his girlfriend and possibly get married in Las Vegas (via YouTube). From his first appearance to his last word, this goofy man seems to know how to get under everyone's skin.

Not only does he not know anything about this historical artifact, but he also challenges the expert's opinion as well, creating one of the most cringeworthy scenes in "Pawn Stars" history. Even Corey seems irritated at this guy when he first walks up with the item. The man ended up walking away with more than he probably expected, and the guys are just happy to get rid of him.

Check out the piece of 1776 history that sold for over $1,000 on "Pawn Stars."

The expert's opinion is usually correct

In Season 9, Episode 2, "You Say You Wanna Revolution" (via IMDb), Chad brings in an old historical book and only knows two things about it. First, that it is an annual registry of 1776, and second, that the Declaration of Independence is printed inside of it (via YouTube). Other than that, the owner is clueless about this book. Rick spends some time trying to educate him. In short, this book was a journal that kept records of the significant events of a year, including battles and politics. This also had the Articles of the Confederation printed inside.

Unfortunately, the book was recently rebound, which is something old books don't normally go through unless it's absolutely necessary. Chad, who obtained this book via his grandfather, is asking $2,000 for it. To get a better idea of its value, Rick calls in the pawn shop's resident book expert, Rebecca Romney. She admires the book but quickly points out the recent rebinding, which will lower the item's value. After telling this to the two guys, Chad immediately responds with, "Well, that's your opinion." This instantly triggers Rick and Rebecca, who have to remind the seller that the expert knows what she's talking about.

After Rebecca provides some historical context, reviews it further, and notes more damages, including a literal tape repair, she values the book at around $3,000, surprising Rick. The seller asks for $2,000 and smugly tells Rick he won't be bartered with. In the end, Rick is able to talk him down to $1,600, and they have a deal.