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The Real Reason Corey Almost Quit Pawn Stars

With several seasons under its belt, Pawn Stars has captivated audiences with all the interesting objects that were bought by the series' cast. In fact, one of the best features of the show are the owners of the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, who are well-versed in spotting valuable cars, trinkets, and other items. Beginning with the late Richard Harrison, commonly referred to as "The Old Man," the pawn shop has passed down with each generation. Currently, Richard's son, Rick, owns the establishment, and it's more than likely he will pass on the trade to his son, Corey.

However, fans of the series know Corey can be a bit of a handful. As the youngest of the Harrison patriarchy, Corey still lacks the years of experience that his father and grandfather have. Needless to say, Corey has made mistakes over the years that have cost the store plenty of cash. Despite his incredible energy and vibrant presence, there was a time that Corey did consider leaving Pawn Stars. Fans would be shocked to learn that this reason had to do with some internal family drama involving the store's future.

Corey wanted to play a larger role at the pawn shop

During the show's seventh season, Corey shakes up the family dynamic when he demands his fair share of the pawn shop partnership. This comes to a boiling point in the 10th episode, titled "The Offer," in which Corey reveals to his father and grandfather that he's gotten a job offer elsewhere. During this conversation, Corey tells them that he's thinking about taking the offer and quitting the pawn shop if he doesn't get at least 10 percent partnership in the store. This inadvertently causes drama as The Old Man and Corey's father try to figure out how to deal with the situation.

However, this situation gets resolved in a later episode, titled "Take the Money and Run." Picking up from the drama in the previous chapter, Corey's father and grandfather eventually gave in to Corey's demands, but with some slight adjustments. Instead of giving Corey 10 percent of the business, the elder Harrisons gave him 5 percent along with the possibility of getting a larger percentage in the future. Satisfied with the deal, Corey ultimately decides to stay on the show. Considering that this all happened during 2012 when the seventh season aired, and since then there have been an additional 10 seasons featuring Corey, hopefully Corey's partnership percentage over the store has increased over the years.