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Why A Pawn Star Expert Told Corey Not To Buy This 16th Century Book

When Rick Harrison is away from the shop at Pawn Stars, his son, Corey, has to step in and handle the business. Most of the time, when an expert is called in, they will try to get as much information from them to learn about the item's worth. On top of that, if an expert is coming in, not only does that mean the item is of some sort of significance, it also means Corey wants to make an offer on it.

That doesn't always happen, which is why we love this show so much. In season 15, episode 8, "The Pawn Commandments," Adam, a regular seller with Pawn Stars, brings in a 16th century book that clearly has a tremendous amount of historical significance. Corey knows he has a potential big purchase on his hands immediately, and without his father to help him make the right decision, he calls in an expert. What happens next is something you don't see very often on Pawn Stars.

Check out the reason why the experts told Corey not to buy this rare 16th century book.

Sometimes it's just not worth the purchase

When Adam walks in and realizes Rick isn't there, he tells Corey it's his responsibility to buy this book. Corey groans in agony because he realizes he's probably dealing with a rare artifact, like most of Adam's items. This was no exception. Adam has a Geneva Bible, a protestant bible printed in 1583. Corey provided some historical background on the item but admitted he didn't know much about it, so he called in an expert to look at it. Adam was asking for $1,600.

When Rebecca Romney, the store's go-to historical book expert, sees this bible, she immediately notices the damages. The backing has had some repairs done to it, but Rebecca isn't impressed. After Rebecca provides some additional historical background of this bible, Corey asks her how much it is worth. Rebecca believes Corey could maybe get $1,500 for it. Corey tries a different approach and asks Rebecca if he should buy it, and Rebecca quickly gives him a hard no. This is the first time anyone from Pawn Stars has completely shot down Adam. 

Usually, when an expert comes in, the guys at Pawn Stars typically walk away with what they want. Corey dodged a bullet this time and can live another day while his father/boss is away on business.