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Home Before Dark Season 2 Release Date, Cast And Trailer - What We Know So Far

The mystery drama Home Before Dark tells the story of Hilde Lisko, a nine-year-old reporter who moves from the big city to her father's small hometown of Erie Harbor. The Apple TV+ series is inspired by the real Hilde Lysiak, who founded her very own news publication, Orange Street News, when she was just seven years old. Although the case of the missing boy — and her father's childhood friend — in season 1 was fictional, the real Lysiak has reported on some hard-hitting cases, including a murder in her own neighborhood

While Home Before Dark could have been developed as a family friendly mystery targeted for kids, Apple TV+ made the decision to honor the integrity of the true-to-life journalist by incorporating serious drama and a dark tone to the series. Just like Hilde from the show, this bold move has paid off — the show has a "certified fresh" score of 80% on Rotten Tomatoes, with critics praising the impressive performance of the show's young star, Brooklyn Prince. It's no wonder that Apple TV+ has decided to keep the show going for a second season (especially with season 1's cliffhanger), so here's what fans can expect as Home Before Dark moves forward.

When will season 2 of Home Before Dark be released?

The release date for Home Before Dark's second season is June 11, just a bit over a year after the first season's release in April 2020. While filming the series in Vancouver last year, the production was shut down for a short time due to COVID-19, however they continued working via Zoom meetings and phone calls, and shooting picked up again a few months later. Unlike the first season, the show will be airing one episode per week every Friday, with ten episodes total.

While the first season had Hilde investigating the cold case disappearance of her father's childhood friend, Richie Fife, the newest season will involve the young reporter going up against a megacorporation. When a local farm is destroyed by a mysterious explosion, Hilde is immediately on the case to find out what happened. Her investigation leads to putting herself and her family, along with the people of Erie Harbor, in danger. However, given the determination and bravery we've seen from her before, it's doubtful that Hilde will play it safe this time.

Who is in the cast of Home Before Dark season 2?

No new cast members have been confirmed for the second season of Home Before Dark — however, we can probably assume that season 2 will see the return of the main cast. Brooklyn Prince, of course, will continue in the role of Hilde Lisko, and Jim Sturgess will also be back as Hilde's father, Matt. It's likely we'll also see the return of series regulars such as Abby Miller and Kyle Rogers, who play Bridget Jensen and Izzy Lisko (respectively) on the show. Other possible returning cast members are Michael Weston, Joelle Carter, Aziza Scott, Jibrail Nantambu, and Deric McCabe. 

In Home Before Dark's season 1 finale, Hilde uncovers the shocking truth of Richie Fife's disappearance and supposed death. After tracking down those involved, Hilde learns that her father's childhood friend could very well still be alive. Is it possible that we will see a grown-up Richie in season 2? If so, it's a well-kept secret, and we will have to wait and see which actor will portray the aged kidnap victim.

Is there a trailer for Home Before Dark season 2?

At the time of this writing, there is not yet a trailer for the second season of Home Before Dark. However, Apple did release two new images from the new season for those who like to speculate on what's to come. One of the stills shows Hilde and her father together in the woods, looking off at something in the distance while holding a map. Are they on a nature walk, or is Matt perhaps assisting Hilde with her newest case? The second image shows Hilde alongside her classmates Donny Davis (Nantambu) and Wesley "Spoon" Witherspoon (McCabe), walking side-by-side outdoors on a wooded path. It appears that the three friends have united once again, but who can say what adventures lie in store for the trio?

The first trailer for season one of Home Before Dark was released in March 2020, preceding the series premiere on April 3, 2020. If Apple decides to keep this trend going, then a new trailer should be expected sometime in May, a month before the series returns on June 11, 2021.