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What A Signed Limited Edition Copy Of Game Of Thrones Sold For On Pawn Stars

The World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop showcased on Pawn Stars isn't your average hock shop. While the place down the street from you might get some used laptops and old jewelry, some genuine pieces of history go through the hands of Rick Harrison and the gang. It makes each episode pretty engaging for anyone with an interest in the past, as rare guns, stamps, and toys have all passed through at one point or another.

However, those who are more concerned with current pop culture can still find plenty to have a stake in. Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe got a real treat when the comic book featuring the first appearance of Thor was sold to the Pawn Stars crew. As exemplified in that episode, Rick may not know as much about current fads as some of the younger members of his staff, but he knows a good deal when he sees it, which is why he was very intrigued when a rare edition of the first Game of Thrones book came in during the season 16 episode "A Game of Pawns."

Rick doesn't mind spending a lot of money on a book when he knows it's valuable, but that usually means it's older, like when he spent $100,000 to acquire a book written by philosopher Giordano Bruno. The $2,500 the GoT seller wanted seems like pennies by comparison, but Rick still wanted to make sure he could get his money back and then some before throwing down any cash. 

Rick Harrison ended up spending $1,600 to get the rare copy of Game of Thrones

When Rick Harrison has no idea how much he should spend on a book, he calls in bibliophile Rebecca Romney, who also happens to be the only female expert to appear on Pawn Stars. In this case, she confirms the rarity of the novel and points out that only 500 copies of this edition were made, which means it's highly sought-after by collectors. After a brief history lesson on what the Game of Thrones series means to the fantasy genre as a whole, she says how some copies of this book have sold for $2,500, but Rick could conceivably get as much as $4,000 for it. 

As anyone who's seen Pawn Stars knows, when Rick's given a range, he sticks to the lower end of the scale. The seller initially remains steadfast with $2,500, but Rick insists that he needs to be realistic and assume that's what he's going to end up getting out of it. Rick offers $1,500, and after some back-and-forth, the two eventually strike a deal to sell it for $1,600. 

It was a fortuitous item to come in at the end of the day, seeing as how season 16 of Pawn Stars aired in 2019, the same year the last season of Game of Thrones aired on HBO. If there was ever a time for Rick to strike while the iron was hot, this was it, and hopefully, he was able to turn around quickly and sell it to a mega-fan who hadn't yet been turned off by the rushed pacing of the final season