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Bling Empire Season 2 - What We Know So Far

For anyone obsessed with checking out the lives of the rich, famous, and fabulous, Netflix's Bling Empire is must-see TV. The reality series follows some extravagantly wealthy socialites based out of Beverly Hills, who have no problem dropping $1 million in a single day the same way us peons spend money at Dollar Tree. They still have their fair share of problems ... they're just far more opulent than any of us could ever imagine. 

Luckily for fans, the show has officially been renewed for season 2 (via The Oprah Magazine). If producer Jeff Jenkins, who also graced the world with Keeping Up With the Kardashians, has his way, then it's just the beginning of what could be a lucrative series. There are certainly plenty more adventures these people could find themselves in, and as Jenkins told Town & Country Magazine, "I mean, there's so much that has happened in their lives since season one was shot. There's just so much going on. God willing, viewers enjoy it and respond." For everything to know about Bling Empire season 2 so far, here's what we've got. 

What's the release date for Bling Empire season 2?

Word hasn't dropped yet on when, exactly, we can expect season 2 of Bling Empire to grace our screens. Season 1 came out in January 2021, with the season 2 confirmation getting announced just a couple of months later. Normally, we'd expect it about a year for a new season of a Netflix show to come out, so our best bet, as of right now, is that more Bling Empire will come in early 2022. 

However, the continuing prevalence of the COVID-19 pandemic complicates matters a bit. Infection rates have been declining (via CDC), but an unexpected surge could result in further delays to filming. There's also the matter of traveling, which cast member Kane Lim said he wants to do more of going forward. As he told Entertainment Tonight, "Personally, I think traveling is going to be a huge thing. You know, we tried to travel for the first season, but obviously with time constraints and stuff like that, we couldn't. I would actually like to fly the whole cast to Singapore show them what Singapore truly is." Whatever's in store, fans should buckle in for the long haul. 

Who's in the cast for Bling Empire season 2?

The first season of Bling Empire follows a pre-established group of friends and loose acquaintances in Los Angeles, and more than likely, it's going to have much of the same cast moving forward. That includes socialite Anna Shay, philanthropist Christine Alexandra Chiu, and former model Kim Lee. One of the most intriguing storylines that season 2 should cover will be the newly-minted engagement between Cherie Chan and Jessey Lee, who were together for years, and had two children, before officially becoming engaged.

The cast is excited to get back into the swing of things. As Chiu tells Variety, "We were very passionate about not only the Asian representation on television, but also to be able to showcase the entrepreneurial side of our lives and the business we've built and, of course, the nonprofit organizations that I was and am very passionately involved in." By the looks of it, this cast isn't going to slow down any time soon.

Where's the trailer for Bling Empire season 2?

No trailer has come out yet for season 2 of Bling Empire. That means if you binge-watched all eight episodes of the first season already, then you're going to have to wait a while before you see any new content. Of course, if you want to stay up-to-date with your favorite heirs and heiresses, then you can keep up with them over Instagram. All of them should have accounts on the social media platform, including Anna Shay, who joined the platform in late 2018 (via Hello Magazine). 

As with most Netflix shows, a trailer likely won't come out until a couple of months before the premiere date, at the earliest. Since we still don't know when that will be, it could be a while. In case you can't wait that long, there are plenty of other reality shows on Netflix to show you how the 1% live. Both Selling Sunset – which was also renewed for season 2 — and Yummy Mummies also take you deeper into the lives of the extraordinarily wealthy, and will hold you over as you wait to see how the conflict between Anna and Christine plays out.