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The Richest Bling Empire Cast Members And How Much They're Worth

Netflix's Bling Empire is a fascinating look at the lives of the truly affluent. The reality show (one that's actually real!) focuses on a group of Asian millionaires in the Beverly Hills area, bringing both their unbelievably opulent lives and their relatable everyday worries in front of the camera for all to appraise. The show's young and youthful socialites, influencers, business people, plastic surgeons, heirs, and heiresses lead a colorful existence that's every bit as flashy as the show's title — yet, there's a genuine chemistry between them, as well. This is no coincidence, seeing as cast member Kevin Kreider has told Entertainment Weekly that the Bling Empire crowd isn't just a group of rich kids randomly brought together, but an actual real-life group of friends. 

Because wealth is so proudly present in the very concept of the show, it's easy for the viewer to start wondering precisely how much these people have in their bank accounts to be able to live as flamboyantly as the show depicts. With that in mind, let's take a look at the richest Bling Empire cast members and how much they're worth.

Anna Shay is worth more than the rest of the cast combined

Per The Cinemaholic, the richest Bling Empire star by a massive margin is Anna Shay, whose estimated net worth of $600 million dwarfs her castmates' wealth. Anna's fortune reportedly comes from various investments, but the majority of it seems to stem from 2006, when she and her brother sold their late father's defense company for $1.2 billion. 

Furniture magnate Jessey Lee and pop star heiress Cherie Chan are no slouches, either, with the couple's estimated joint net worth hovering somewhere around $200 million. Another particularly well off couple, the Chius, owns a prestigious plastic surgery facility in Beverly Hills, yielding a combined a net worth of $80 million. Meanwhile, the 22-year-old influencer Jaime Xie might only earn a relatively meager day job income of $50,000, but she is billionaire Ken Xie's daughter, and said to be worth a very cool $50 million by virtue of her birthright. According to The Tabthe other folks featured on the show are all millionaires, as well, but their money piles are still meager compared to this crowd. 

Interestingly, it's extremely difficult to gauge the wealth of the Bling Empire castmembers simply by watching the show. For instance, shoe aficionado Kane Lim is presented as something of a billionaire, and is indeed the heir to a vast business and real estate empire. However, his personal net worth is "just" $20 million from his own business ventures. Meanwhile, the show's everyman, model and entrepreneur Kevin Kreider, might seem like the poor kid of the crew, but poor is relative in this world; he actually has a reported net worth of ... $10 million.