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James Gunn Reveals The Best Way To Watch His Suicide Squad Movie

Twitter: it's not a perfect system. In many ways, it is a giant virtual box with a sign on the side that says "free bullhorns for talking," and, as a result, has become a very popular place for the sorts of people who feel that talking into a bullhorn is something that they ought to do. Still, sometimes it gives users nice things, like the burst of endorphins that you get when LeVar Burton likes your status, essentially justifying your childhood decision to give this whole literacy thing a fair shot.

And nobody knows the double-sided nature of the platform better than Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn. If it wasn't for Twitter, he might not even have made The Suicide Squad, DC's answer to the question "Remember the first Suicide Squad movie? What if we didn't?" Back in 2018, Marvel Studios famously severed ties with the director after a series of off-color tweets from his pre-bigtime days were dredged up. Warner Bros., displaying some powerful "Are you gonna finish that?" energy, swiped Gunn up to create its Task Force X reboot.

Appropriately, Gunn took to Twitter recently to discuss The Suicide Squad and the creative process behind its production. At the same time, he gave prospective audiences his two cents on the best way to see the movie when it comes out later this year. The news is big — maybe too big, considering the current state of the theater industry. "The whole film was shot in @IMAX & that's the best way to see it," Gunn wrote on January 28, 2021.

James Gunn inexplicably wants John Cena to look even bigger

Shooting an entire movie in IMAX format is no easy feat — it's not cheap either! There's a limited number of the astonishingly expensive cameras required to shoot the ultra-high definition video, and the detail necessary to make CGI look convincing has, in the past, caused studios to take a beat before releasing their effects-driven movies on the big, big, big, big screen. But it sounds like Warner Bros. was ready to spare no expense for Gunn's upcoming film. 

Unfortunately, the new question will undoubtedly be whether an IMAX release will be financially viable. With Warner's 2021 business model hinging on simultaneous film debuts on HBO Max and theaters, along with continuing concerns over public safety hindering the audiences' enthusiasm for sitting in a room full of strangers, the window for experiencing The Suicide Squad on a screen the size of a circus tent may be limited.

In uniformly excellent news, during the same Twitter session, Gunn was also asked whether a person who had never seen 2016's Suicide Squad would be lost watching the new one. "No, you will be just fine," he replied, and moviegoers who knew nothing of such hardship breathed a little easier.