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The Funniest Episode Of Breaking Bad Probably Isn't What You'd Think

Breaking Bad might have been an intense and very high-stakes drama throughout all five seasons, but it was still full of hilarious scenes. In fact, some of the best moments of the entire show were those that brought a little levity into the mix. 

Who could forget Jesse Pinkman's (Aaron Paul) unusual introduction, with Walter White (Bryan Cranston) spotting him half-naked and tumbling off of a roof while trying to escape the DEA? Or when Jesse filled his chem suit with gas to dance around in Gus Fring's (Giancarlo Esposito) lab? Meanwhile, Hank Schrader (Dean Norris) was always full of cringeworthy punchlines, and Jesse's sidekick Badger (Matt Jones) was practically made to provide comedic relief, like when he created a so-bad-it's-good Star Trek script that the internet has since animated just for fun. And one of the most enduring and oft-replicated in-jokes of Breaking Bad came when Walt threw a pizza on the roof in a moment of frustration.

The question of which Breaking Bad episode features the most creative puns and clever sight gags is up for debate, but season 2's "4 Days Out," which also deals with some heavy material, might just be the funniest Breaking Bad episode of all. The chuckles begin early in this standout episode, when Marie (Betsy Brandt) very seriously claims to know more about reading scans than a doctor and then when Jane (Krysten Ritter) explains the, erm, common interpretation of Georgia O'Keeffe's artwork to Jesse. The laughs really start to roll in, though, when Jesse shows up to collect Walt from the airport in their roving laboratory of an RV, and it's just the first of many, many errors to come.

"You brought a meth lab to an airport?"

Walt, who has convinced Jesse to embark on a four-day-long cook session to earn a lot of cash after being spooked by his ominous lung scans, is not amused by Jesse's vehicle choice. Walt is consistently obsessed with keeping a low profile, so the sight of this bullet hole-riddled trouble magnet pulling up is not what he had in mind. Jesse's justification is simple enough, though, as he shrugs, "What? You said we're in a hurry. I saved us a trip."

Walt remains unimpressed by his sidekick when he finds out that Jesse's idea of groceries includes little more than a few bags of Funyuns, and Jesse's incompetence continues to compound their troubles even more from there. Jesse is the one who leaves the key in the ignition, thereby draining the RV's battery, and when the generator catches fire, it is Jesse who tosses all of their drinking water onto the machine without a second thought. Thanks to him, they're not only stranded in the desert, but they've got nothing to drink, and all he can do about it is attach five feet of tin foil to his cell phone and plead, "C'mon b****es, hear me now!" 

A later shot of Walt, shivering in one of Jesse's wild beanies and sweatshirts as he helplessly waits for Jesse's even more dim friend Skinny Pete (Charles Baker) to arrive and rescue them, is almost too funny.  

"Think of something scientific"

Jesse being careless and obtuse is what gets himself and Walt into so much trouble in "4 Days Out," but it is also what gets them out of it — sort of. Once their plan to have Skinny Pete pick them up falls through, and their effort to manually crank the generator fizzles out as well, Walt becomes resigned to a grim fate. However, Jesse isn't ready to quit yet and insists his former teacher use some of his brain power for his own benefit.

"We've got an entire lab right here," Jesse reminds him before listing off a few potential options that include Walt making a rocket fuel-powered signal flare, a robot, a new battery, or maybe even a dune buggy. The third of those suggestions is the only one that gets Walt's ears perked, but when he gives Jesse a new list of instructions for what to collect, Jesse looks incredulous as he asks Walt whether he's actually building a rocket. His deer-in-headlights expression is only matched in hilarity by a later moment when, as Walt gives Jesse a tutorial about how he is building a battery, Jesse proudly, but incorrectly, identifies the element that will serve as their electrolyte as "wire" instead of copper. 

All in all, the episode makes it hysterically clear why Jesse was not one of Walt's star students in chemistry class and provides a rare buddy comedy-style adventure for the dynamic duo in Breaking Bad