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Bloopers That Make Us Love Millie Bobby Brown Even More

This content was paid for by Netflix and created by Looper.

Millie Bobby Brown hopped onto the Hollywood scene at just 9 years old with her debut role as Young Alice in the Once Upon a Time spinoff Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, charming viewers of the short-lived series. Yet it wasn't until Brown's role in the '80s-set Netflix original series Stranger Things that Brown launched into stardom, becoming a household name for her captivating role as Eleven, or El, as she's affectionately referred to by her friends. 

But despite her character dealing with trauma that no child should have to face, Brown never lost her sense of humor on set — causing even Hollywood mainstays like Winona Ryder and David Harbour to bust up laughing. Brown manages to win over audiences in her bloopers just as much as fan events and interviews, never holding back a laugh or a dance move that's dying to break free. 

The bloopers for Brown's Netflix original film Enola Holmes are a perfect case in point — in these clips, the actor's antics are as refreshing as ever. While Sherlock always seems to get the most media attention, Enola Holmes (and Brown) have arrived to kick some butt (and solve some mysteries) in the 1884-set film. Between Brown's infectious laughter, her penchant for tripping, and her unstoppable dance moves, it's impossible to pick a favorite blooper. So why not go through them all? Feel free to stand corrected if you didn't think you could love Millie Bobby Brown any more. 

Step Aside, Sherlock: Enola is on the scene

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's many Sherlock mysteries may not have included Enola Holmes, but author Nancy Springer brought the character to life in her Enola Holmes Mystery Series. The votes are in: The world needed a feminist Holmes icon, and both Springer and Brown delivered. To honor the original Holmes brother's young sister, Netflix commissioned a series of statues inspired by real groundbreaking women whose accomplishments were overshadowed by their brothers. 

Of course, even badass women can be silly, and the Enola Holmes bloopers include almost three minutes of Brown goofing off on the set. Along with her usual string of funny facial expressions, Brown shows off her floss dance moves on more than occasion, quite proud of her achievements. Dressed up in her 1800s threads, she says, "I can do it abnormally fast. It's quite cool." It's not bragging if it's true, right?

Prior to the film, Brown fans probably didn't know they needed some hilarious ad-libs between Sam Claflin (Mycroft) and Brown. While still in character, she joked, "What's the 'stache about? I'm not a fan. You look a bit creepy." Determined to get some savage jabs in with every character, she told Louis Partridge's Tewkesbury, "I don't want this as a flower, you absolute moron." 

While Enola is still an 1800s level of savage, Brown brings a 21st-century flair to her digs. But of course, in between the iconic jabs are Brown's typical klutzy moments, like her hat flying off from the wind machine, that have her fall down laughing. Could she possibly be more endearing even if she tried? 

Stranger Things sets the stage

Brown stole the show in season 1 of Stranger Things as her character El fought her way out of sticky situations with nothing but telekinetic powers and a box of Eggo waffles, becoming the most relatable meme of 2016. In the short season 1 bloopers reel, Brown's carefree and infectious personality shine through all of her laughs and dance moves. And her outgoing shenanigans on the set have only gotten more endearing as the seasons continue.

Brown's love for the clapperboard that marks different takes is apparent through all of her blooper appearances, and she hits off season one with a clap of the board and a confident "Let's do this!" And a show clearly isn't set in the '80s until at least one castmember dances around holding some denim. Brown gets that honor in the first round of bloopers, giving fans of the show their first taste of her goofy sense of humor. After her dance break, she jokes with a sashay, jeans still in hand, "Sorry, I was just improv-ing." Some might say improv-ing, others might say improving. Tomato, tom-ato. 

Along with her improvisation are her blooper staples of sticking out her tongue and laughing uncontrollably. Honestly? Everyone needs a friend and coworker like Millie Bobby Brown.

Laughing in the Upside Down

Along with another season of mystery, mayhem, and the Upside Down comes a second round of bloopers — and these are even better than the first. Just as she did in the previous edition, Brown kicks things off with the trusty Stranger Things clapper as she says "A-only" and proudly cackles at her accomplishment. Later, she dusts off her dance moves, using a rolling chair as a prop in a flourish that's worthy of a music video. In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it sequence, she also wipes off some ice cream from David Harbour's impressive beard. She may not be successful, but at least she tries.

Dancing is all fun and games until you do it in a puddle and completely wipe out — unless you're Millie Bobby Brown. To her, it's still fun, and she laughs the entire time as her fall splashes Finn Wolfhard

While Brown served as a producer on Enola Holmes and her subsequent film The Girls I've Been, she has yet to make her directorial debut — but it can't be far off. During the season 2 bloopers, Brown uses her fingers to frame a shot, and it looks pretty legit. Between that and her love for the clapper, she's developed a real knack for the behind the scenes work that goes into directing. Her combination of being incredibly hardworking mixed with her lighthearted personality that always leaves room for fun is a sure sign that she'd no doubt be a talented director. Brown would get the job done while winning over the cast and crew in a major way. She leaves viewers with a final cheeky kiss that's made somehow even more endearing with El's nosebleed makeup.

Props to Millie Bobby Brown

Forgoing her usual clapper intro, Brown and Sadie Sink kick off the season 3 blooper reel decked out in red and yellow raincoats — and they proceed to dance and sing a song about, you guessed it, ketchup and mustard during a scene when the door swings open. How did anyone else on set rein in their laughter during this bit? The duo certainly didn't. But while Brown always busts up laughing during her own bloopers, she often keeps a straight face when anybody else messes up a scene — except when it comes to David Harbour. 

It's awkward enough to have "the talk" with your own kids, but even weirder when you're giving it to your onscreen daughter. Harbour breaks down laughing every time he says the word "grandma" in one sequence, resulting in Wolfhard and Brown following suit. After a while, Brown jokes, "What is wrong with you?!" After a few more botched takes, Harbour yells, "That word [grandma] is so funny!" Brown is cry-laughing at this point, pleading, "I can't do this!" 

It's always great to see the cast of a series give props to the crew, but it's a whole other thing to see an actor apologize to an actual prop. Of course, Brown wins the "nicest ever" award when she takes her mannequin's feelings into consideration while struggling to hoist it over her back. As it turns out, it's not only the cast and crew that Brown won over. A cat flies out of nowhere during a running scene and starts jogging alongside Brown during the take. 

While the dab may come much later in history than the '80s, that doesn't stop Brown from proclaiming, "I can... do it!" during a mall take, ending the sequence with a clap and a dab. This rising star has blessed fans with some truly entertaining bloopers, and with a new season of Stranger Things coming, fans can expect another round of endearing and entertaining bloopers from Brown.