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Why Bart From The Night Clerk Looks So Familiar

Though he's never played anything quite like his role in The Night Clerk, viewers should be more than a little familiar with actor Tye Sheridan.

The socially awkward and possibly criminal main character of the movie, currently killing it on Netflix, is far from Sheridan's first big role. He's been around big budget blockbusters and the career resets of A-listers (a la Matthew McConaughey's Mud) since starting his career in 2011. Outside of a few minor turns on shows like Last Man Standing, he's almost exclusively dealt in movies you can't help but hear about if you're a cinema regular.

The 23-year-old already has a stacked resume rife with showcase performances. If you find yourself as curious about Sheridan as detectives are about his squirrelly clerk Bart, then there are plenty of other avenues to follow him down. Let's take a look at where you just might have seen him before.

Tye Sheridan has become a regular in summer blockbusters

Throughout the 2010s, it seemed there was no more consistent paycheck in Hollywood than playing a superhero. The Marvel Cinematic Universe reigned supreme, and one good turn as a comic book hero could turn into regular work on some of the biggest movies around. Even those not working in the MCU could be convinced to become pseudo-supers in action extravaganza franchises like the Fast and Furious movies, leading to some hefty paydays.

While Tye Sheridan didn't exactly land one of the cushiest Marvel gigs, he's turned up three times in the X-Men universe as team leader and general stick-in the mud Cyclops. He starred as the laser-blasting mutant in 2016's X-Men: Apocalypse and last year's critically panned Dark Phoenix

Sheridan enjoyed the challenge of playing a character with his eyes covered, as he told Good Morning America. "We're shooting this big sequence in the third act of the film and [the director] is like, 'I just need to see more anger in your eyes'... so I'm trying to figure out how to use my forehead," he joked.

Sheridan headlined a hugely anticipated adaption

Outside of Marvel, Sheridan starred in one of the most-anticipated adaptations of the last several years, snagging the lead role of Wade Watts in Steven Spielberg's take on Ready Player One. As the point-of-view character, he served as the audience's guide to Ernest Cline's sprawling list of pop culture references and occasional plot points, taking them through both the chaotic virtual world of OASIS and the hellish "real" world of 2045.

The young actor said that working with Spielberg was a bit like school, and he was excited to learn from the master who pretty much invented the summer blockbuster. "Every day was a new challenge, and with challenges, you learn and you grow. On this movie, I grew a lot, as an actor and as a person, and I grew a lot with my knowledge of filmmaking, in general," he revealed in an interview with Collider. "This movie gave me so much, and in return, I hope it gives everyone else as much as it did for me."

If nothing else, he learned how to carry a movie, a skill you can see him put to good — if somewhat uncomfortable — use in The Night Clerk.