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What's Next For Fan Artist BossLogic - Exclusive

Kode Abdo has been living a lot of fan artists' dreams. Operating under the pseudonym BossLogic, he started out posting his Photoshop creations on social media, and developed a massive and enthusiastic audience for his work bringing comic book, anime, and gaming creations to (still) life. With an Instagram following currently clocking in at nearly two million people, BossLogic stands athwart the fan art world like something of a stylus-wielding colossus.

While that's impressive on his own, the attention it's garnered him hasn't just come from the rank and file. Hollywood has taken notice, with names like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Marvel Cinematic Universe director Joe Russo reaching out to collaborate and enlist his services. BossLogic was famously shouted out — about a million times, at that — by Spider-Man: Far From Home actor Jake Gyllenhaal on The Tonight Show, and has done official work both for Marvel Studios and on Disney's live-action remake of Aladdin.

For some, that amount of success might be enough. For BossLogic, however, it's only the beginning. Looper recently spoke with BossLogic in an exclusive interview, during which he revealed what's next for his career.

BossLogic's next phase with Marvel

BossLogic has something of a history with Marvel. Joe Russo was one of the first from the industry side to reach out to the artist, inviting him to Los Angeles for an in-person meeting and bringing him into the MCU fold to create a promotional poster for Avengers: Endgame. Famously, BossLogic also quite accidentally beat super-producer Kevin Feige to the punch, crafting an image of actor Mahershala Ali as the vampire-hunting vampire Blade that preceded the official casting announcement made at San Diego Comic-Con 2019. "I met Kevin Feige at the Endgame premiere," BossLogic recalls, laughing. "And he goes, 'Why do you keep spoiling my announcements?'"

That said, it appears there are no hard feelings left over from that encounter. BossLogic has already been tagged for further work with the studio as it moves on from Endgame and into uncharted territory in its upcoming Phase 4. Unfortunately, given the shroud of secrecy Marvel blankets over its in-development projects, there's not much the artist can say at the moment. "It's all NDA for now," he tells Looper. "They're exciting projects, though. You guys would dig them."

BossLogic on creating original characters

While he's made much of his name playing in other people's sandboxes, so to speak, fan art isn't the extent of what BossLogic brings to the table. He's also a creator of his own original work, and it seems he's looking to dive even further into that world in the future. "I love doing posters for companies and stuff, but we have a million and one ideas of our own that we want to bring to life," he exclusively tells Looper

That ambition certainly includes the type of Photoshop art for which he's known, but its boundaries extend beyond that and into other forms of media. "That's movie ideas, short movie ideas, crazy characters. And that's the field I want to get into. I want to be my own production house creating stuff," BossLogic says. "I want to make something come to life, like having the characters, people do stunts as the characters and stuff, that sort of stuff."

BossLogic and fan art, forever

None of this is to say that BossLogic will be abandoning the avenues that made him famous — as evidenced by the fact that his Instagram account continues to be updated multiple times a day with takes on everything from Netflix's new action movie, Extraction (which he mashes up with John Wick), to the latest announcement that Sony is developing a live-action movie from the One Punch Man manga. "I'll always be that artist," he says, "but just a little less."

That work will still also include collaboration with big companies like Marvel and Disney, although BossLogic says he'll be carrying it out with a little help from his friends. "I actually have a team now, a team of artists in New York, and we work together on huge projects," he shares. "There's actually a company that's going to be announced on the 30th that we've been working on for three months. It's a big gaming company, and it's kind of big news." (Mark that down, friends.)

With an artist like BossLogic involved, there's no doubt that, whatever the big news is, it'll be rendered in exquisite detail.