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Upcoming Vince Vaughn Movies You Need To Know About

It seems like only yesterday we were watching a charismatic young actor by the name of Vince Vaughn deliver a breakout performance in the no-budget comedy Swingers. In the 20 years that have passed since Swingers' debut, Vaughn has dabbled as often in blockbuster fare as he has in complex indies and austere dramas. As such, his career has seen its share of peaks and valleys, resulting in him often being overlooked as a player in the Hollywood landscape

Of course, Vaughn's desire not to be pigeonholed has also helped make him one of the more versatile performers acting today. He's brought a certain sort of modestly ego-centric charm to raucous comedies including Old SchoolWedding Crashers, and Dodgeball, and he's also delivered surprising dramatic weight to heavy-hitting flicks like The Cell, Into the Wild, and Dragged Across Concrete.

It should come as little surprise then that the actor will continue to keep mixing dramatic projects with comedies for the foreseeable future — and if you need any proof of that, here's a look at a few upcoming Vince Vaughn movies you won't want to miss.

Vince Vaughn will party hard in The Binge

Sometime in 2020, Vince Vaughn will appear in a party-hard teen comedy that, at least on paper, looks to be very much in the funny man's comedic wheelhouse. The name of the movie is The Binge, and if you can believe it, it actually might have more in common with the politically charged 2013 horror flick The Purge than it does with any of Vaughn's past comedic confections. How so? The Binge is set in a not-too-distant version of America where all drugs and alcohol have been outlawed by the government. However, in true Purge fashion, drugs and alcohol are all totally legal for the 18-and-above population for one day every year — the aptly titled "Binge Day."

The Binge follows the travails of three teens who have just turned 18, and are bent on doing their first Binge Day the right way by indulging in everything they can, so fans shouldn't expect Vaughn's character to be the one going full Old School and throwing the party of the century.

While Vaughn's exact role in The Binge isn't known as of January 2020, we'd imagine he's either playing a concerned parent or an out-of-control adult guiding the young men on their Binge Day odyssey. Either way, The Binge director Jeremy Garelick is already reassuring audiences that Vince Vaughn is in top form in the film: "VV fans who have been waiting to laugh again, I promise you — he's back."

Vince Vaughn will get creepy in a body-swap thriller

While Vince Vaughn is set to tickle funny bones with The Binge sometime in 2020, he'll also look to keep audiences on edge with a return to genre-land in a currently untitled "body-swap thriller" (via Deadline). Vaughn doesn't dabble in genre very often, but when he does, the results are usually quite fascinating — see The Cell, South of Heaven, West of HellBrawl In Cell Block 99, and Gus Van Sant's shot-for-shot remake of Psycho as prime examples.

As for what Vaughn and crew have in store for audiences with the upcoming body-swapper, little is known about the project as of yet apart from a few key details. According to Deadline, the film will follow a young woman (played by Blockers breakout Kathryn Newton) who, after swapping bodies with a psychotic serial killer, has 24 hours to reverse the curse before it becomes permanent. Vaughn is indeed portraying the psycho killer in the project, meaning he'll also have to embody some form of the young woman as well.

Michael Landon — who's worked on 2014's underrated chiller Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones as well as 2017's charmingly bonkers Happy Death Day and its bonkers sequel Happy Death Day 2U  wrote the script and will direct the film. 

Vince Vaughn will go full kingpin in Arkansas

It seems that body-swap thriller won't be the only time Vince Vaughn goes a little loco on the big screen in 2020. Though the film has yet to land a release date, Vaughn has already wrapped production on an indie crime flick entitled Arkansas. Co-written and directed by actor Clark Duke (best known for his comedic work in Hot Tub Time Machine and Kick-Ass, and for a recurring role on The Office), Arkansas follows two low-level criminals named Kyle and Swin (played by Duke and Liam Hemsworth) who make their way in life by serving the whims of a drug lord named Frog (played by Vaughn). The catch is that the pair have never actually met their employer — and after a job goes horribly wrong, life will apparently get quite messy for everyone involved. 

We don't get know when Duke's feature debut Arkansas will arrive in theaters, and the jury's obviously still out on whether or not the first-time director has as much flair for drama as he does a well-timed punchline. However, the talent involved in the film — like cinematographer Steven Meizler and actor John Malkovich — should be enough to have viewers adding Arkansas to their list of must-see movies.

Vince Vaughn will try to get sober in The Last Drop

Sometime in late 2018 or early 2019, Vince Vaughn and his agent must have gotten together to identify and book gigs that would remind Hollywood just how versatile the actor is. They secured The Binge as Vaughn's slapstick comedy. That untitled body-swap thriller will be his genre creeper. Arkansas will be his gritty crime drama. And it appears The Last Drop will be the latest addition to Vaughn's romantic comedy oeuvre. 

Though the genre was once a staple of Vaughn's career, The Last Drop will be the first full-blooded rom-com he's headlined in nearly a decade. Given that Vaughn's last two entries in the genre were 2008's disastrous holiday farce Four Christmases and 2009's equally maligned Couple's Retreat, one could hardly blame him for wanting to be hyper-selective about his next venture in the dicey rom-com realm.

It seems Vaughn finally found one he could get behind in Christopher Storer's The Last Drop, in which he'll play the host of a culinary television show whose hard-partying ways are on the verge of costing him everything — including his life (via Variety). But that life begins to change when he meets an antiques dealer (played by Sharon Horgan) who specializes in recovering lost and undervalued items. 

As The Last Drop will offer Vaughn the chance to play for laughs, tears, and heartfelt romanticism, it sounds like the perfect vehicle to showcase his wide-ranging talents. Here's hoping it also finds him wooing audiences as a legit romantic lead.