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Pixar's Onward Gets Snazzy New Poster At D23 Expo

We've got some denim-laced hints at what's to come in Pixar's upcoming 2020 film Onward.

With the D23 Expo in full swing, Disney has spent the majority of the weekend releasing various titillating teases and new info on multiple different projects. Seeing as the pic is just over half a year from hitting theaters, Onward is no different, getting a new poster at the event.

Unveiled at the event and subsequently posted through Walt Disney Studios' Twitter page, a new poster for Onward is clearly taking cues from from the character design of Chris Pratt's Barley Lightfoot. In the film, Barley wears a denim jacket laced with pins in a style that will look familiar to those well-versed with '80s fashion choices. Of the pins included on the poster, there are many that have clear plot connotations — like the treasure map in the top left, the staff (which appeared in another image released by Disney in the same posting as the poster) in the middle, and the van directly under it that was heavily featured in the first teaser trailer that hit the internet a few months ago. 

In a move somewhat reminiscent of (probably unintended) brand synergy, there's also a mixtape labelled "Dad" included on the poster that's just begging for fans to recall the mixtapes given to another Chris Pratt character: Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Onward is set in a mystical world similar to our own... only it's populated with magical creatures like elves, trolls, and unicorns. The film's world, which was once a fairytale reality, is now losing its sense of magic while its inhabitants become entranced by modern conveniences like cars and cellular phones. The plot follows two elven brothers, Ian and Barley Lightfoot, as they set off on an epic quest to discover if the magic that once roamed free in their world is still out there somewhere. The brothers are looking for a way to spend one last day with their deceased father who died before they were old enough to remember who he was.

In addition to Pratt starring as Barley, Tom Holland is on board as Ian and Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays the two elves' mother. Octavia Spencer is also involved in an unspecified role. The film is directed by Dan Scanlon — who also helmed the 2013 Pixar movie Monsters University – from a script he co-wrote with C. S. Anderson. 

Onward is set to release in theaters on March 6, 2020.