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How Soon Does The Bear Season 3 Pick Up After Season 2?

Fire up the hobs and make sure your chef whites are nice and fresh because another frantic season of the award-winning series "The Bear" has arrived on our screens. Just like Carmy's (Jeffrey Allen White) workplace, the show is giving us very little time to catch our breath following last year's events. In Season 3, Episode 1 – "Tomorrow," we're given what might be one of the most elegantly handled recaps ever put on television, returning us to the kitchen the day after how things ended on "The Bear" Season 2. Playing like a "Previously on and on and on 'The Bear,'" it shows us the past and present of Carmy's struggle with himself and the dream establishment he wants to make (no change on the menu, there then?)

Alone at The Bear, the hot-headed culinary obsessive is shifting chairs and tidying up, clearing up every possible space but the one in his own head. It's here where the show doesn't just give glimpses of The Bear's opening night and the rage that spilled out between Carmy and Richie (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) after getting trapped in the walk-in, but also longer looks into the moments that may have helped or hindered him in getting to where he is now. Just like some of the delicious meals that are dished up on the show, these flashbacks come with carefully placed ingredients in the form of cameo comebacks, and all of them are welcome additions to getting us back into the swing of things.

Carmy relives old lessons but is still struggling to apply them in Tomorrow

Besides frantic looks to past episodes and chest-thumping encounters that Carmy has had in The Bear's kitchen and at home, more time is spent showing what he had to go through in his previous jobs to get where he is today. Flinchworthy glances of Carmy under the watchful eye of that nefarious NYC Chef (Joel McHale) are intertwined with his soothing time in Copenhagen and under the firm but fair tutelage of Chef Terry (Olivia Colman). Joining him for those periods is Chef Luca (Will Poulter), who gets the first taste of Carmy's rage levels in the kitchen, much to Terry's disapproval.

It's this varied selection of yesterdays sprinkled with success, regret, grief, and anger (including a heartfelt flashback with Carmy and Abby Elliot's Sugar) that get us to where he is now. What that means for his future is uncertain, but keeping in line with the taste of the previous two seasons, it's the same irresistible slice of television that you'll undoubtedly be done with before the weekend is out. Dive in and get a taste or check out Looper's review of "The Bear" Season 3, which says the show that remains deliciously addictive.

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