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Marvel Fans Think They Spotted Blade In Deadpool & Wolverine - Could It Be Him?

While "Deadpool & Wolverine" looks to be a hilarious entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, many people are more concerned with how many cameos we can expect in the threequel. Some truly outrageous cameo rumors that might be true have emerged, and every new photo that comes out sparks new ideas. Total Film magazine has showcased some new pictures from the film (republished by GamesRadar), including one that people think has Blade in the background.

The photo in question has Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) and Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) in the foreground, but in the back right-hand side of the frame, there's a man in a black trench coat wearing a medallion. Many online, including @MCUFilmNews on X (formerly known as Twitter), believe it to be Blade, specifically the one from the 2006 TV series that aired on Spike. "Blade: The Series" is one of many bizarre Marvel shows you probably haven't seen, and it's just the kind of obscure Easter egg "Deadpool & Wolverine" could easily revel in. However, more than likely, that's not Blade.

To be honest, and given the fact he's wearing a medallion, it would appear this could be a Kingpin variant, specifically the one from the "Old Man Logan" storyline from Mark Millar and Steve McNiven. He became the leader of the Kingdom of the Kingpin and fed Daredevil and Punisher to some dinosaurs. The story's awesome. Then again, it could just be a random guy who's not necessarily supposed to be anyone in particular, but the rumor mill will spin like crazy anytime new photos come out from a highly anticipated movie like "Deadpool & Wolverine."

Old Man Logan Kingpin makes more sense than Blade

"Deadpool & Wolverine" is clearly drawing a lot of influences from the "Old Man Logan" storyline. Marvel fans freaked out at the reveal of the giant Ant-Man skeleton, which is ripped straight from the pages of said storyline. Having that universe's Kingpin in the movie would add up, too, even if he doesn't play that big of a role. That character could simply be there as a nod to the comics. In the event it is Blade, it makes sense it wouldn't be the Wesley Snipes version and would be the one from the 2006 series played by Kirk "Sticky Fingaz" Jones.

Snipes and Ryan Reynolds worked together on "Blade: Trinity." Snipes is the actor most people associate with Blade anyway, so trying to get him back for "Deadpool & Wolverine" would serve as an extra layer of meta commentary on Reynolds' superhero career. However, Reynolds has made it clear he has no interest in working with Snipes ever again, as the two didn't exactly get along while filming their "Blade" movie. Unless some VFX wizardry is in play to bring Snipes in without him having to come face-to-face with Reynolds, he probably doesn't have a cameo. The 2006 Blade actor would have a better shot of getting in the film, as Deadpool could still make some Blade jokes without Snipes being in the mix. 

For all we know, that could be Blade, albeit one most people don't know about. There are plenty of reasons to be concerned about the MCU's "Blade" movie, which is set to star Mahershala Ali, as it just can't seem to get off the ground. If this is Blade, it may be the only Blade we're getting for quite a while.