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What Natalie Portman Could Look Like As The Mighty Lady Thor

By the Asgardian gods, Natalie Portman is worthy! 

At San Diego Comic-Con 2019, Marvel Studios announced that Portman would be stepping back into her Thor and Thor: The Dark World role as Jane Foster for Thor: Love and Thunder, written and directed by the wonderfully weird Taika Waititi. Hearing that Portman, whose astrophysicist character wasn't included in the Thor three-quel Ragnarok and who didn't film any new footage for her Avengers: Endgame appearance, was coming back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe was reason enough to get excited. 

But then Marvel dropped the literal hammer by announcing that Portman's Jane Foster will become the female Thor in Love and Thunder, inspired by writer Jason Aaron and artist Russell Dauterman's Mighty Thor comic run. 

In the wake of the big reveal, fans took to social media to gush over Jane wielding Mjolnir, Portman herself said that she's "thrilled" about being the next Thor, and artists and Photoshop wizards began imagining what Portman would look like when she transforms into the Goddess of Thunder. Here are a few peeks at what the actress could look like as the mighty Lady Thor.

Lady Thor is Hemsworth's companion in art by @pabloruizzx

Artist Pablo Ruiz, who goes by the handle @pabloruizzx on Instagram, envisioned Natalie Portman's female Thor as a companion to Chris Hemsworth's Asgardian God of Thunder. Holding the mystical hammer Mjolnir in her hand, with her eyes glowing blue, Lady Thor stands behind her male counterpart, who reaches his free hand out to her as if to ask for her protection. 

It appears that @pabloruizzx used a Jane Foster Sideshow Collectibles figure designed by Ian MacDonald and Alex Pascenko as the basis for this edit.

Natalie Portman is a masked Mighty Lady Thor thanks to @mizuriofficial

Popular Australian artist Mizuri (@mizuriofficial on the 'gram) quickly shared their vision of the Mighty Lady Thor while stating that their most anticipated Marvel Phase 4 movie is "definitely" Thor: Love and Thunder. In Mizuri's artwork, Natalie Portman's Jane Foster wears armor, a dark red cape, and a helmet evocative of the original Thor's headgear. Mizuri also posted an unmasked version of the female Thor edit, which uses Thor: The Dark World poster featuring Portman as a starting point for these creative alterations.

Female Thor's surrounded by lightning in edit by @doubledomino

To artist @doubledomino, Lady Thor will also wear the original hero's classic helmet — and will make a dramatic debut in Thor: Love and Thunder surrounded by a storm of lightning. 

"I was well excited to hear that not only is @natalieportman returning to Thor but she [is] becoming Thor! I had to make this artist's impression," they captioned their artwork, which also implements the Thor: The Dark World poster of Portman as a basis and uses the "Jane Foster Lady Thor" helmet design provided by Do3D.com.

Jane Foster's Thor wields two weapons in art by @alastor_c

ALASTØR, a longtime comic book fan and art director posting on Instagram under the username @alastor_c, predicted years ago that Natalie Portman would eventually become the next Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His idea for how the Mighty Lady Thor could look on screen? She dons a red cape, wears a silver chest-plate, and wields not one but two weapons — Mjolnir and the Dwarven-forged battle axe Jarnborn.

Like @pabloruizzx and @mizuriofficial did for their edits, it looks like @alastor_c implemented Ian MacDonald and Alex Pascenko's Jane Foster figure, then Photoshopped Portman's head in place of Jane's.

Jane and Thor are a tag team thanks to @awedope.arts

Indonesian artist @awedope.arts uploaded a striking image depicting Jane Foster and Thor Odinson standing side by side, as if they're about to partner up and take down a baddie together. While Thor, his hair long and his beard braided, holds his battle axe Stormbreaker in both hands, a helmet-wearing Lady Thor carries Mjolnir — which is crackling with blue lightning. 

"Super excited for this one," @awedope.arts captioned the photo, which, again, looks like it makes use of the Ian MacDonald and Alex Pascenko-designed figure in its impression of Lady Thor. "Thor was one of my favorite avengers and it was crazy because we're going to see lady thor in here for the first time. Cant wait to see what we will get in this movie."

Lady Thor wears classic costume in art by @jakubmaslowski_

Self-proclaimed "graphic wizard" Jakub Masłowski (@jakubmaslowski_ on Instagram) imagined that Lady Thor will sport a simpler look in Thor: Love and Thunder, wearing the classic costume fans saw in the first Thor film — and depicted in the Jane Foster figure designed by Ian MacDonald and Alex Pascenko. In Maslowski's artwork, Portman's female Thor wears the signature red cape, intricately designed armor, and matching gauntlets. Of course, she has the lightning-powered Mjolnir in hand as well. 

Lady Thor with glowing eyes by @ihasankazi

Natalie Portman's Lady Thor could sport an intense appearance in Thor: Love and Thunder — at least if artist @ihasankazi's vision for the character ends up being accurate. In their artwork, the female Thor has a heavier costume and glowing blue eyes.

Jane Foster's Thor flies high in illustration by @ellejart

Instead creating a Photoshop edit of what Natalie Portman's female Thor could look like in Thor: Love and Thunder, artist Nikolay Mochkin (@ellejart on Instagram) created a complete illustration of the character. Here, Lady Thor is depicted taking to the skies, her red cape flowing behind her and Mjolnir summoning the power of lightning up above.

Mighty Thor strikes down with lightning in edit by @apexform

Artist @apexform shared on Instagram their idea of what Natalie Portman could look like as the Mighty Lady Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder — and it's 50 shades of badass. Summoning the strength of the skies, Mighty Thor is seen with lightning bolts encircling her gauntlets, crackling around her eyes, and striking down to the ground behind her. It looks like @apexform used Ian MacDonald and Alex Pascenko's Sideshow Collectibles figure of Jane Foster for the basis of this artwork, but the edits made to the foundation photo are quite amazing.

"@marvelstudios breaking the internet with the announcement of their phase 4 slate. I can't wait for the next few years of MCU films and Television!! And we'll FINALLY see @natalieportman pick up the hammer from @chrishemsworth and become LADY THOR. And frankly she looks pretty badass," @apexform wrote in the caption. We totally agree. 

Jane's Lady Thor floats and glows in art by @lostdemolition3

Taking a snap of the Jane Thor figure designed by Ian MacDonald and Alex Pascenko and editing Natalie Portman's face onto it, Spain-based digital artist @lostdemolition3 channeled the vivid colors of Thor: Ragnarok's promotional posters to create a brand-new one for Thor: Love and Thunder featuring Mighty Thor. She stands in front of a striking blue-violet sky slashed by stripes of fuchsia and orange. Her eyes glow white, she looks as if she's floating in the pose she strikes, and lightning surrounds her — and her shiny new hammer Mjolnir.

Mighty Lady Thor with Valkyrie and Thor in art by @finalgirl.edits

You want a retro Thor: Love and Thunder poster? Artist @finalgirl.edits has just the thing for you. Inspired in by both the Thor franchise and He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, the Photoshop whiz created two versions of an absolutely gorgeous, kickass Love and Thunder one-sheet that depicts Natalie Portman's Mighty Thor standing next to Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie, while Chris Hemsworth's Thor stands in the foreground. Given that Thompson has said Valkyrie, as king of New Asgard, needs to find a queen to rule beside her, we have a feeling Mighty Thor just might end up being that newly minted royal. 

Mighty Thor is the powerful Goddess of Thunder in edit by @finalgirl.edits

That throwback-esque Thor: Love and Thunder poster that @finalgirl.edits created isn't the only piece of artwork imagining Natalie Portman as Mighty Thor that they have made. Well over a year before Marvel made the official announcement, @finalgirl.edits used a picture of the Jane Foster female Thor figure to whip up an edit of Portman's Jane rocking the classic Thor helmet, wielding Mjolnir, and standing amongst the clouds and lightning as the Goddess of Thunder. 

Mighty Thor has mighty blue eyes in illustration by @sadleeds

An artist by the name of Tara, who shares her creations on Instagram under the username @sadleeds, created an eye-catching illustration of what Natalie Portman could look like as Mighty Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder, for which she said she is "way too excited." Looking up at the sky, perhaps at an incoming threat or a storm of danger brewing in the heavens, the female Thor in @sadleeds' art has glowing blue eyes, the traditional Thor costume, windswept hair, and blue lightning bolts scattered across her body. Pretty cool, huh?