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Terminator: Dark Fate Teaser Trailer Introduces Sarah Connor To A New Generation

She's back– with weapons. 

Paramount Pictures unleashed the first teaser trailer for Terminator: Dark Fate on Thursday, and immediately the internet momentarily lost its collective mind at the reality that Linda Hamilton's Sarah Connor is coming back to the big screen. 

The sixth installment into producer James Cameron's famed sci-fi action franchise, Terminator: Dark Fate effectively ignores the vast majority of the series' sequels to pick up 27 years after the events of Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Civilians are still battling against the sinister conglomerate Skynet, which has sent from the future a fearsome new Terminator (Gabriel Luna) to terrorize Earth and carry out a single mission: kill a young woman named Dani Ramos (Natalia Reyes), her brother Miguel (Diego Boneta), and the soldier-assassin who travelled back in time to protect Dani, Grace (Mackenzie Davis). 

As evidenced by the opening battle sequence of the trailer, the new liquid metal Terminator model is incredibly powerful: able to withstand injury and has the power to split itself into two separate parts. Just when it seems that he'll defeat Dani, Miguel and Grace — with each of his two parts closing in on them, his bladed hands readying for an attack — Sarah Connor rocks up to the scene and puts a few bullets into the baddie's body. 

She announces who she is (in a moment that's sure to give franchise fans goosebumps), and then the trailer offers extra details about the premise of Terminator: Dark Fate. Grace is clearly not completely human, though she insists she is, and plays an important role in the ongoing war between man and machine. Sarah turned up to protect Grace, Miguel, and Dani because she knows what it's like to be the target of a Terminator. When the gang ventures out to a secluded cabin in the woods to meet the T-800 "Model 101" Terminator played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, it becomes clear that Dani is to Sarah as Grace is to the T-800 — and that they won't survive the current threat if they don't work together. 

The trailer ends on an absolutely bonkers sequence wherein two planes crash into one another... then one of the on-fire aircraft tumbles past a military vehicle off which Grace is hanging for dear life. It's exactly the kind of out-there, over-the-top moment that will get viewers amped up for Terminator: Dark Fate regardless of where exactly the story goes. 

This is, of course, just the first taste of Terminator: Dark Fate that Paramount has offered, meaning that anyone who isn't totally sold on it yet will have plenty of time to make a final decision as the studio continues rolling out promotional materials. It has action, drama, and a super-star team behind it (including Deadpool filmmaker Tim Miller as director), so Dark Fate should theoretically be a smash. We'll have to wait until the film opens in theaters on November 1 to know for sure.