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Black Mirror Season 5 Trailer Reveals Star-Studded Cast, Debut Date

Prepare to gaze into the Black Mirror once more. 

Netflix dropped the official trailer for Black Mirror season 5 on Wednesday, revealing a mind-twisting dystopia, a sterling leading cast, and a premiere date that's much, much sooner than you probably anticipated. 

The Charlie Brooker-created anthology series will return to Netflix on June 5 with three new installments. Though it's unclear for the time being if the entire season is just three episodes long or if those installments make up the first half of the season, it could go either way. The first two seasons of Black Mirror ran for three episodes, while seasons 3 and 4 were comprised of six episodes. 

According to the streaming giant, these trio of chapters tell "stories about the future we should have seen coming" — which is exactly the kind of super-creepy statement viewers should expect to come from Netflix re: Black Mirror

These three announced episodes of Black Mirror's hotly anticipated fifth season don't have official titles as of this writing, and Netflix has yet to release set synopses for any of them. However, the trailer promises that some pretty wild stuff awaits. There's a police shoot-out, a tense relationship strained by apparent infidelity, a dating app that probably has sinister foundations and dire effects on its users, tiny robots that "help" their owners get through day-to-day life, machines that scan your brain, corporations that "pull out" information on individuals, gadgets people place in their eyes, a pop star with a troubled past, car crashes, and virtual reality body suits that let players live out their Tekken dreams. 

After the words "love, privacy, connection, sex, family, work, afterlife" flash across screen, the trailer shifts to a small scene that sums up exactly the message Black Mirror season 5 is apparently trying to send. A character shouts, "Everywhere you look, people are hooked on the things!" Sounds like the upcoming season will spell out the consequences that our tech-obsessed culture could face in the future. 

The footage also shows off a star-studded roster for Black Mirror's next chapter. We see Miley Cyrus, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Anthony Mackie, Topher Grace, Pom Klementieff, Andrew Scott, Angourie Rice, Ludi Lin, Damson Idris, Nicole Beharie, and Madison Davenport pop up throughout the trailer, so fans should get ready to meet their characters on the new season. 

It's difficult to decipher what exactly will happen on Black Mirror season 5, but the trailer looks to be a fantastic return to form for the series. Black Mirror broke the mold with its interactive event film Bandersnatch, which took the world by storm in December of last year, and fans have been eager ever since to see how the show would up the ante and dive back into its core anthology. Some speculate that these three episode of the forthcoming season will have secret connections to Bandersnatch, while others are keeping their eyes peeled for references to past Black Mirror episodes. Judging by the comments on the trailer and the response poured out on social media, though, no matter what Black Mirror does in season 5, people are incredibly excited for it.

Load up Black Mirror season 5 starting on Wednesday, June 5.