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The Flash Scores New Showrunner

A brand-new boss is here to watch over Barry Allen. 

The CW announced on Tuesday that a new showrunner is joining The FlashThe Hollywood Reporter had the full scoop and all the details on the showrunner switcheroo. 

His name? Eric Wallace, an executive producer on The Flash season 5 with experience on Teen Wolf, Eureka, and Z Nation. His game? Taking over for reigning The Flash showrunner Todd Helbing, who has been a part of the series' family since the second season, when he and his brother Aaron Helbing joined Andrew Kreisberg as co-showrunners. Helbing also served as a co-executive producer on the Grant Gustin-led superhero show from season 4 onward, and acted as the sole showrunner after Aaron left in May of 2017 and Kreisberg was fired from The Flash in November of 2017 following allegations of sexual assault. 

Helbing is slated to step down after The Flash wraps its fifth season, which its currently airing as of this writing, with Wallace climbing aboard for season 6, which the CW ordered on January 31, 2019

The Flash executive producer Greg Berlanti — a television mastermind who has helped craft the Arrowverse world, Riverdale, and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, among many other series — praised Helbing and Wallace in a statement given to THR

"From his first day on The Flash, Todd Helbing has been a leader on the show, beloved by the cast and crew for his exceptional talent, vision and wonderful attitude. We are all sad to see him go, but we will all be better for the many shows he will no doubt create and run in the future," said Berlanti. "Eric Wallace has proven his own exceptional talent and voice since season four, and we couldn't be more thrilled to watch how he shapes the future of Team Flash and the many thrilling adventures that lay ahead for our characters and dedicated fans."

Now that fellow CW-DC superhero series Arrow is ending its turn on television with a shortened eighth season, set to run for 10 episodes, The Flash is expected to become the biggest member of the Arrowverse family, which includes Supergirl (led by Melissa Benoist) and Legends of Tomorrow (starring Victor Garber, Brandon Routh, Arthur Darvill, Caity Lotz, Amy Louise Pemberton, Dominic Purcell, Franz Drameh, Nick Zano, Maisie Richardson-Sellers, Tala Ashe, and Jess Macallan). The Flash has maintained solid ratings and a dedicated fanbase since premiering in 2014, and should have little trouble rising to the occasion when Arrow is no longer a part of the CW's DC Comics series slate. In having a different dude behind the helm to run the show, The Flash could end up attracting even more viewers as Williams perhaps makes bold creative choices — ones that fall in line with the heart of the series but stand out as different from the ones Helbing made in the past. 

No word yet on when The Flash season 6 will premiere, but fans can look forward to watching the rest of season 5 on the CW on Tuesdays at 8 PM ET.