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Why Legends Of Tomorrow Is A Must Watch Series

For fans of superheroes, this is a golden age of television, with more shows and better shows than ever before. The only problem? There are so many cool superhero shows on TV these days that it's almost impossible to follow all of them. You have to pick and choose just which ones are worth your time. Well, whatever your current superhero priorities were, they just changed, because DC's Legends of Tomorrow has jumped to the front of the queue as the new must watch series on television. Here's why.

The scope is enormous...

Superheroes are all about big ideas. Gods! Time travel! Saving the entire world! But no superhero show yet has had bigger ideas than Legends of Tomorrow, which combines all of those things plus plenty of other big ticket ideas. Yeah, other superhero shows have done occasional story lines with a broader scope than just, you know, stopping the Penguin from robbing a bank or whatever. But none of them have ever tried anything as massive as Legends of Tomorrow. That's exciting.

...And it's setting up even bigger and better things

Okay, we're getting ahead of ourselves here. But it's already exciting to think about just what Legends of Tomorrow can do beyond the current storyline of saving the future from the tyranny of Vandal Savage. And make no mistake: they are setting up an infinite amount of future possibilities for the entire line of DC TV superheroes. Just as Legends of Tomorrow brings together characters from Arrow and The Flash, it can also spin off characters and storylines, not just to those series, but potentially into entirely new shows. Legends of Tomorrow is setting the stage for the future of the television DC universe. Trust us, you'll want to get in on the ground floor.

Explore the history and future of the DC Universe!

So what are some of those possible story lines Legends could be setting up? How about anything in the entire history of the DC Universe? It's already been revealed that DC's classic western antihero Jonah Hex will be appearing on the show, and it's a safe bet he's not alone. Given the scope of the DC Universe, the possibilities are nearly endless; anyone from World War II hero Sgt. Rock to ancient caveman Anthro to future dystopian survivor Kamandi could be a possibility. Heck, could we see a backdoor pilot for the protectors of the 31st century, the Legion of Super-Heroes? We can't wait to find out what character surprises are in store for us.

Arthur Darvill is the Doctor this time

How awesome is the fact that Arthur Darvill is playing Rip Hunter, Time Master? For the one person out there who somehow isn't aware of the significance of this, Darvill previously played the beloved companion Rory Williams on Doctor Who. So to see one of the Doctor's companions essentially get promoted and become a sort of version of the Doctor himself is fantastic. And the show hasn't been shy about it either; there have been some obvious nods to Doctor Who, particularly in the opening animation when Rip's ship first jumps through time.

All our favorites from Arrow and The Flash finally get the spotlight

Arrow and The Flash are both really fun shows, with lots of great supporting characters. Just one problem: Arrow is about Green Arrow, and The Flash is about the Flash, which means that most of those cool backup characters just don't get as much of a spotlight as we'd like. Enter Legends of Tomorrow, which takes fan favorites from both shows and gives them the spotlight we've all been craving. More Atom! More Firestorm! More Hawkgirl! And that's more fun for everyone.

The Justice League by any other name is still the Justice League

The show may be called Legends of Tomorrow, but there's no doubt about it: this team is the Justice League. DC and Warner Bros. don't want to call them that, because it would dilute the brand of the big Justice League movie coming out with Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman. But fans know it. Atom, Firestorm, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, and Black Canary are all Justice League members. And given how long we've all been waiting to see a cool live action Justice League, we don't care one bit that Batman or Superman aren't around. We're just happy that Legends of Tomorrow is making our dreams come true. Justice League Assemble!