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Once Upon A Deadpool: Wade Wilson Professes His Love For Nickelback In New Teaser

Three things you should never joke about with Deadpool: Bea Arthur from The Golden Girls; the love of his life, Vanessa; and Nickelback.

Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) professed his love for the Canadian rock band that has been subject to countless parodies and relentless mockery in the newest teaser for Once Upon a Deadpool, 20th Century Fox's PG-13 cut of Deadpool 2.

The new footage starts where the official trailer left off: with Fred Savage, Deadpool's kidnapping victim, saying that Fox-licensed Marvel movies are "like if the Beatles were produced by Nickelback — it's music, but it sucks." The Merc with a Mouth puts his foot down — and his moniker to good use — to defend Nickelback from ridicule he feels his unwarranted. 

"Okay, that's it. I'm done!" Deadpool declares. "I've had it with all this Nickelback-hating, alright? You think that makes you cool with the cool kids in school, Fred?"

When Savage responds, "No, it just makes me right ... They're over-produced, formulaic ear garbage," Deadpool gets even more fired up than he already was. 

In a rapid-fire rant, the leather-clad vigilante rattles off Nickelback's resume in a bid to prove how legitimate the group really is: "50 million albums worldwide, 11th best-selling musical act of all time, Billboard's most successful rock group of the last decade, six Grammy nominations, 12 Juno Awards — those count — two Billboard Music Awards, two American Music Awards, one People's Choice Award – Canadian — and a partridge in a f***ing pear tree."

Defending Nickelback? Deadpool's truly out here doing the lord's work, guys.

Savage tries an apology after hearing all the facts and figures, admitting that he didn't realize they weren't just having fun, but Deadpool fires back that Savage was nicer as a kid — when he starred in The Princess Bride, the '80s flick from which Once Upon a Deadpool nicks its framing story. 

In one last attempt to get on Deadpool's good side, Savage starts singing Nickelback's "How You Remind Me" — and it totally works. The two deliver a passionate singalong to the band's 2001 single. 

This "Respect the Back" teaser comes a few days ahead of Once Upon a Deadpool's theatrical launch. Featuring eight framing scenes interspersed throughout edited Deadpool 2 footage, Once Upon a Deadpool will open wide on December 12 before ending its run just two weeks later, on Christmas Eve. The pressure is on Fox now more than ever to promote the hell (sorry, the heck — gotta keep it PG-13 for this special edition of Deadpool 2) out of the film, and these last few days before its debut are the most crucial. 

While we don't foresee Once Upon a Deadpool having trouble turning a profit (it wouldn't be hard to do since Deadpool 2 already scored millions at the global box office and because all the extra footage for the new cut was shot in a single day), the jury is still out on how audiences will feel about the movie. Some are wary of a toned-down Deadpool movie simply because it goes against the hero's vulgar, violent nature — but with the right kind of promotion, like this new teaser, Fox could very well sway most (if not all) naysayers.

Once Upon a Deadpool opens this Wednesday, December 12. A dollar from every ticket sold will benefit F*** Cancer, renamed "Fudge Cancer" for this limited-time-only cinematic event.