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Can Dragon Ball's Newest Villain Defeat Its Most Powerful God?

One of the great things about anime as a medium is that it allows fans to often get ahead of what they're seeing on screen. Since most anime are based on manga, if viewers really want to know what's going to happen next, they can usually just go to the source and see for themselves. Case in point: Granolah in "Dragon Ball Super."

While the character has yet to appear in the anime adaptation of the hit series from Akira Toriyama, he has made quite a stir in the "Dragon Ball" franchise. The only surviving member of the Cerealian race, Granolah, began as an antagonist to Goku (Masako Nozawa/Sean Schemmel) and Vegeta (Ryo Horikawa/Christopher Sabat), who was spurned on by the manipulations of Frieza (Ryusa Nakao/Linda Young) to battle the Saiyans.

However, later on in "Dragon Ball Super," Granolah gains access to all of the Cerealian Dragon Balls and wishes to be the strongest in the universe. Due to his wish ultimately being granted, some fans now wonder if the character is stronger than Beerus (Koichi Yamadera/Jason Douglas) and Whis (Masakazu Morita/Ian Sinclair), who are generally accepted to be the strongest characters in the franchise. However, Granolah's wish comes with a few caveats that make this unlikely to be the case.

Granolah paid a hefty price for his newfound power

As noted by fans on the r/dbz Subreddit when u/ZeroTakenaka asked whether this wish would make Granolah stronger than Beerus and Whis in "Dragon Ball Super," the parameters of the wish make this unlikely. "His wish was immediately deemed to be impossible, but the dragon offered an alternative of increasing his strength at the expense of his lifespan," explained u/evirustheslaye.

The user and "Dragon Ball Super" fan is correct in their assertion. Toronbo told Granolah that he couldn't make him stronger than gods or other deities, and since Beerus and Whis fall into this category, Granolah would still be unable to beat them even with his extensive power. Furthermore, considering his newfound power comes at the price of most of his life cycle, he will have very little time left to train.

Of course, with power rankings constantly shifting in the series and characters like Goku regularly coming back from the dead, the hierarchy of power in "Dragon Ball Super" could easily slide in one direction or the other with little warning to fans. Still, as far as this particular match-up goes, it looks like Beerus and Whis still have the edge over Granolah.