Who Plays Katrina On Suits & Where Have You Seen Her Lately?

Over the course of its impressive nine-season run, "Suits" introduced fans to several intriguing characters, including Katrina Bennett. After watching her rise through the corporate lawyer ranks over the years, adding an entertaining dynamic to the legal drama, there may be some fans wondering who is the actor who portrayed the former assistant district attorney.

The character of Katrina was first introduced in Season 2, Episode 11 ("Blind-Sided"), and not long after her debut, she is seen switching sides to enter the field of corporate law with Pearson Hardman. Bennett remained a recurring persona on the show for several years before making the jump to series regular in Season 8. Fans witnessed her journey from junior associate to senior partner in 49 of the 134 episodes, thanks to the efforts of Amanda Schull. Before becoming a major player on "Suits," the actor was known for her work on shows like "One Tree Hill," "Pretty Little Liars," and "12 Monkeys."

Those who wonder what she's been up to since the series "Suits" ended may find it refreshing to hear that Schull has been keeping busy in the realm of acting, and some may even be surprised to learn that she has been lending her talents to several projects including incredibly engaging made for TV features and regrettable departures from a certain emergency rescue series.

Schull has found success with Hallmark's ever-expanding fan base

While it's very likely most people know Amanda Schull from her work on "Suits," some might not realize that she has become a rising star when it comes to Hallmark movies. The actor's first two attempts at the heartwarming genre of small-screen films, "Love Once and Always" in 2018 and "Romance Retreat" in 2019, happened while she was still on the USA series, giving her a head start establishing herself with Hallmark fans before the show ended. Afterward, Schull would continue to add several more credits to her resume, like "Project Christmas Wish" in 2020, "One Summer" in 2021, "Marry Go Round" in 2022, and "The Blessing Bracelet" in 2023.

The attention she has received from fans since making a name for herself with those who can't miss a new Hallmark release has been a rewarding experience for the actor, and she has made it clear how she feels about the amount of support people continue to show. "It seems like I get more people reaching out to me excited by hallmark movies, particularly hallmark Christmas movies than really anything I do," Schull said on The Sarah Scoop Show. "So that's always really heartwarming when people, friends, family, or people who have seen me on TV or in movies get so excited about a future project, and I get to share that with them."

Her post-"Suits" efforts in the Hallmark game have gone great, but in other promising areas, some people wish they didn't have to say goodbye to Schull so soon.

Co-creator Tim Menear regrets Schull's quick 9-1-1: Lonestar exit

After the series finale of "Suits" came and went, Amanda Schull appeared in shows like "MacGyver," "NCIS," and "The Recruit." But her run on "9-1-1: Lone Star" as Rose Casey arguably stands out as one of her most memorable post-"Suits" projects. The character first came on the scene in the Season 4 opener, "The New Hotness," as a special agent for the FBI who recruits Owen Strand (Rob Lowe) to go undercover in a biker extremist group to stop them from killing innocent people. Unfortunately, her run on the series only lasted five episodes, as Rose died after paramedics attempted to treat her after surviving an explosion in Season 4, Episode 6, This is Not a Drill."

Series co-creator Tim Menear later admitted that he would have liked things to have played out differently regarding Schull's time on the show as Rose Casey. "As a storyteller, you want it to be impactful — and you want to affect somebody where it's going to matter, to your main character," Minear said to Entertainment Weekly. "So that is why she had to go. I actually would have loved to have kept Amanda around, I thought she was fantastic. And by the time we shot that episode, I was really regretting that she was going to have to go, but she had to go."

While every character in a series or job in Hollywood doesn't last forever, each one serves as a learning experience, which Schull has plenty of, especially from her time on "Suits."

Schull looks back on her Suits run fondly

It's no secret that Amanda Schull's career after "Suits" has seen its fair share of ups and downs, but ultimately, it seems the actor is content with the way things have gone since her time as Katrina Bennett came to a close. Since then, she has made it clear that her experiences working on the series were fulfilling for several reasons, such as the opportunity to work with such talented individuals each day. "It is an amazing group of people," Schull said while reflecting on the series in an interview with Hidden Remote. "I learned something from every single one of them with every single scene. Even with the new additions of Dulé [Hill] with Katie [Katherine Heigl] the past two seasons, I have learned so much from the two of them as well."

Schull also mentioned that working on a show like "Suits" was unlike anything else she had ever attempted before and commented on how special she feels for having been a part of it. "The type of show that this is, is not like anything I've ever done before. It's quick, and it's smart. It's exciting and dynamic. That was a lot of fun—to get to be part of that, to play within this really specific world that all truly stems from ["Suits" creator] Aaron Korsh's brilliant mind."

While there is no denying things have continued to progress in new areas, no matter what challenge she embarks on, Amanda Schull will never forget everything she learned and walked away with after the credits rolled on the last episode of "Suits."