The Best Episodes (So Far) Of Young Sheldon According To IMDb

"Young Sheldon" succeeds as the rare spinoff that captures the magic of its original series, "The Big Bang Theory," while charting a fresh path all of its own. On IMDb, users rank their favorite episodes and count these four among the best of the series. 

Since there are so many episodes of the prequel series, it's natural some may end up with the same rating after calculating the viewers' average score. Therefore, we've wrangled up the absolute best and worst batch of episodes perfect for any "Young Sheldon" fan to revisit. In this list, you'll find old friends, dramatic high points, and even marital proposals that'll make your heart swell. It's a refreshing group of installments that represents the warmth of the series at each stage of the genius' unconventional adolescence. 

The first episode will be unsurprising to any die-hard fan of "The Big Bang Theory" as it highlights one of Sheldon's (Iain Armitage) core struggles. The other entries feature unforgettable milestones from his life like heading off to college and even to a new country. 

Season 2, Episode 22: A Swedish Science Thing and the Equation for Toast

The highest-ranked episode of "Young Sheldon" is the Season 2 finale, "A Swedish Science Thing and the Equation for Toast," with an 8.6 out of 10. It showcases the strongest parts of the series like the ability to foreshadow future events, undercutting drama with tension-relieving comedy, and telling character-driven stories. In this particular episode, Sheldon excitingly prepares to listen to the Swedish broadcast of the Nobel Prize ceremony while Meemaw Connie (Annie Potts) comforts a spiraling Dr. Strugis (Wallace Shawn). 

Like Sheldon, Dr. Sturgis also dreams of winning the Nobel Prize himself though never achieved the extraordinary accomplishment. His story becomes even darker for Meemaw when she realizes this could be Sheldon one day if he doesn't find a loving support system. Sturgis compares himself to a neutrino, which is a particle that never bonds to anything and remains alone. Sheldon begins to feel similarly when no one from school shows up to his Nobel Prize listening party, though he invites nearly everyone he meets. This underscores his struggle to make friends. 

As Dr. Sturgis' mental health begins to decline, Sheldon attends his party alone, though the series makes sure to remind us that he won't stay that way forever. Fans of "The Big Bang Theory" were undoubtedly delighted to see young versions of Sheldon's future California friends, and even his wife Amy Farrah Fowler (Mayim Bialik). The sweet moment gets even better after the end of "The Big Bang Theory," where future Sheldon (Jim Parsons) finally wins the Nobel Prize alongside his supportive friends. 

This "Young Sheldon" episode even includes a loving reference to such when Dr. Sturgis tells Meemaw that he bets Sheldon will achieve the extraordinary accomplishment someday. 

Season 6, Episode 22: A Tornado, a 10-Hour Flight and a Darn Fine Ring

The series' most dramatic episode yet packed more than a few powerful punches. In Season 6, Episode 22 "A Tornado, a 10-Hour Flight and a Darn Fine Ring," which got an 8.5/10 from IMDb reviewers, an unforgiving storm hits Texas while the Cooper family prepares for a sequence of changes. 

One of the biggest bombs to drop is the solidified engagement of Georgie (Montana Jordan) and Mandy (Emily Osment). He invests in an extravagant ring that satisfyingly pays off their long "will they, won't they" relationship and gives fans the moment they've been waiting for. It also balances out the tragic moment when a tornado devastates their home.

Missy (Raegan Revord) and her father George (Lance Barber) also share a tender exchange to make up for their previous conflict that even had fans in tears. In the cliffhanging final scene, Meemaw finds her house completely decimated by the unprecedented hurricane. Thankfully, the season ends with a laugh when Meemaw enlists Pastor Jeff (Matt Hobby) to help find her illegal gambling profits hidden in a box of Raisin Bran cereal. 

As Sheldon heads off to Germany, the culmination of these events makes this entry one of the series' finest episodes that even reflects its growth as a sitcom.

Season 3, Episode 21: A Secret Letter and a Lowly Disc of Processed Meat

This special episode kickstarts Sheldon's college journey in the most surprising way imaginable. When he attempts to make himself his favorite dinner, he accidentally loses a piece of cut-up hot dog under the fridge. And while searching for a flashlight, Sheldon discovers a hidden acceptance letter from California Tech that changes his life forever. The aptly titled "A Secret Letter and a Lowly Disc of Processed Meat" (8.2/10 on IMDb) is an emotional installment that cleverly ties these two objects together in an exceptional story.

Sheldon's discovery propels his academic career by launching the young prodigy from grade school to higher education. It also creates conflict within the Cooper household when George discovers Mary (Zoe Perry) has also been hiding this information from him. She gives him even more letters from other interested schools, including a clever nod to Germany, where Sheldon eventually ventures to study abroad, in addition to his future school (and employer), Cal Tech. 

The stirring beats of this episode highlight the dramatic undertones that give "Young Sheldon" depth and invest the audience deeper into the story. It signals heavier material to come later in future seasons that are still balanced with perfectly timed comedic moments like Sheldon finally retrieving the lost hot dog bit at the very end of the episode.

Season 5, Episode 19: A God-Fearin' Baptist and a Hot Trophy Husband

Our last entry tiers up a series of meaningful storylines that shine through the subsequent season. In Season 5, Episode 19, "A God-Fearin' Baptist and a Hot Trophy Husband," which got an 8.1/10 on IMDb, Georgie finally tells his parents about Mandy's pregnancy. This leads to her funny but awkward introduction to the Cooper family while Sheldon and Missy are kept in the dark.

What makes this one of the best episodes is the chemistry developed between Meemaw, Mandy, and Georgie, which fans insisted on more of. Meemaw supports her, in light of her similar experience with her daughter Mary, while Georgie offers his unconditional love. It's something viewers will see she doesn't get from her own mother as their situation grows more complicated and heated over time.

It also sets up a dramatic Season 6 as the Cooper kids get older and life gets more complex. The marital strife between George and Mary also heightens, and even Missy and Sheldon begin to catch on. However, everyone eventually gets swept up in baby fever, setting up one of the most precious "Young Sheldon" stories yet.

That could also be why viewers ranked this episode among the best of the series. It spotlights family conflict that makes even the most perfect TV family relatable by adding more insight into these beloved characters. It's one of the more unique and refreshing elements of "Young Sheldon" that distinguishes it from the original series.