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Young Sheldon Fans Insist This Character Needs More Scenes With Meemaw And Mandy

Whether you loved or hated it, "The Big Bang Theory" was one of the most successful comedy sitcoms in CBS history. And even though he was just a part of the ensemble cast, Sheldon, played by Jim Parsons, was so compelling that he earned his own spinoff series, "Young Sheldon." The main series hinted at enough of Sheldon's upbringing that there seemed to be fertile ground for a new sitcom to blossom and grow. The show's fifth season left fans eager for more.

Throughout Season 5, Sheldon and his family dealt with a lot of heavy subject matter. Mary is getting closer to Pastor Rob, even though she is married. Her husband, George, is noticing that the two of them have a connection that he doesn't have with his own wife — and his guilty conscience about Brenda was showing. Furthermore, especially toward the end of the season, Georgie and Mandy's pregnancy had some serious ripple effects. All of this drama created some entertaining character dynamics among the ensemble cast. But fans on social media have at least one specific request about what they want to see moving forward, especially where Meemaw and Mandy are concerned.

Fans love the dynamic developing between Meemaw, Mandy, and Georgie

This Reddit thread popped up within a day of CBS airing Season 5, Episode 21 of "Young Sheldon" titled "White Trash, Holy Rollers, and Punching People." In it, original poster u/smdifansmfjsmsnd — one of the most sensical and easily pronounceable names in the history of Reddit — argues that Georgie's storyline is becoming even more compelling than that of the show's titular character. The most upvoted reply in the entire thread came from u/SkatingGeek who agreed with the OP wholeheartedly, insisting that "I honestly wish we could get more scenes with Him, MeeMaw, and Mandy."

They were most likely referring to the scene in that episode where Georgie showed up uninvited after spotting Meemaw's car in the parking lot of an OB-GYN doctor's office. He was surprised and a little hurt that not only did Mandy want to go without him, but that she asked his grandmother to accompany her instead. His heartfelt plea to be a part of her pregnancy journey (and, post-birth, a part of the baby's life) was at first met with his Meemaw quipping "you already did your part, now git," but a reluctant Mandy allowed him to stay. When he asked what else he can do, Mandy's frustrated reply is summed up in one word: nothing. Georgie let her know that yes, he can do that. It was, indeed, quite an entertaining exchange.