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Terminator 6: First-Look Photo Sees Linda Hamilton Make A Comeback As Sarah Connor

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator famously declared to the world that he would be back — but it's Linda Hamilton's Sarah Connor who's making a badass return. 

Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions just dropped the first official photo from Terminator 6, sending franchise fans across the globe into fits of fist-pumping glee. Sarah Connor is back, gang, and we're not going to pretend we aren't over-the-moon excited about it. 

Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, the first-look image features Hamilton in her iconic role as Sarah, sporting aviator sunglasses on her steely face, an army-green vest full of weapons on her chest, and an all-black shotgun in her hands. To the left of Hamilton are Terminator film series newcomers Mackenzie Davis, known for her work on Halt and Catch Fire and in Blade Runner 2049, and Natalia Reyes, who has appeared in 2091 and Birds of Passage

A trio of determined, take-no-prisoners women top-lining the sixth Terminator installment? Just call us Stanley Yelnats, because we're digging it. 

We know that Reyes is set to take on the role of Dani Ramos, a mechanic who works for Arius Motors and whom a new Terminator (played by Gabriel Luna) is hell-bent on tracking down. EW notes here that Davis' character is named Grace, but beyond that, there hasn't been much information about who Grace is beyond the unconfirmed buzz that she's a soldier-assassin type. Just as this new image depicts, previously uncovered photos from the set of Terminator 6 showed Davis' Grace with scar-like markings running down her arms, across her chest, and up her neck. This suggests that there's something unique about Grace — much more than meets the eye — and that she may not be fully human.

It's clear that big changes are coming to the Terminator franchise — and not just in the three fierce females leading the charge. According to Schwarzenegger, who returns for Terminator 6 as an aged-up version of the title cyborg, director Tim Miller and producer James Cameron crafted something entirely fresh with the upcoming film, centering its story around a "few very basic characters" that can grab the proverbial baton from Schwarzenegger and Hamilton and carry the franchise into a new era. Considering how poorly the most recent Terminator films fared (specifically the critically hated Terminator: Genisys) that kind of a shake-up isn't just exciting, it's also necessary to keep the franchise afloat. 

See Sarah Connor, Dani Ramos, and Grace in their full robot-fighting glory when Terminator 6 opens on November 22, 2019.