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Whatever Happened To Zipit Bedding After Shark Tank?

In Season 5, Episode 18 of "Shark Tank," audiences were introduced to sisters Haley Carr and Jennifer MacDonald and their Zipit Bedding, a product they believed would revolutionize the bedding industry. Tired of their kid's messy, unmade beds, MacDonald came up with the idea of a comforter that attaches to the fitted sheet with a zipper — like a sleeping bag. After sleeping, the child can make their own bed by simply pulling the zipper back up. In return for a 20% stake in their business, the sisters were asking for $75,000.

While many of the sharks were interested in their product, Carr and MacDonald knew what they wanted and were resistant to the sharks' advice and opinions, ultimately leaving without a deal. They went on to create a DRTV campaign, which was something Lori Greiner insisted would make the company lose money. "It ended up being the opposite, and we didn't have to spend a lot to make a lot and we have been very successful," Carr said in a Harvest Growth interview. 

As of May 2023, the Zip It Bedding website is still up but all their social media accounts are down. That, along with the difficulty of finding their product online leads might suggest that Zipit Bedding is no more.

They were uncompromising about their vision

Season 5, Episode 18 may not be one of the best "Shark Tank" episodes, but Jennifer MacDonald and Haley Carr showed how passionate they were about their invention and that they looked at Zipit Bedding as a long-term business. But they'd already shown to the sharks how uncompromising they were in their vision. Before coming onto the show, they had interest from a major bedding supplier who wanted to license the product and get the bedding on national and international shelves, but they rejected the contract.

Surprisingly, even though they stated they'd rejected the previous licensing deal, they apparently had a change of heart. In an interview with mompreneurmedia.com, the founders said, "Since our huge airing on ABC's 'Shark Tank,' we have secured a retail licensing deal with a major bedding manufacturer in NYC."

Both Jennifer MacDonald and Haley Carr's LinkedIn accounts have Zipit Bedding listed as their current job, so it's always possible they're just reorganizing or figuring out a new business plan. Perhaps we'll see a new iteration of Zipit Bedding in the future.