12 Horror Franchises That Desperately Need A Requel

While the success of original horror movies like "Smile," "Barbarian," and "M3GAN" continue to prove the genre's dominance in film, horror has played a big role in an interesting film trend lately. It's not sequels. It's not prequels. It's not even reboots. Rather, it's the requel trend. To quote Mindy (Jasmin Savoy-Brown) from Scream (2022), requels are "not quite a reboot, not quite a sequel" but rather something that attempts to continue the legacy of a franchise while still being something new. It's the latest attempt from studios to hook wide generations of moviegoers that's seen its fair share of successes and failures. Franchises like "Scream," "Texas Chainsaw Massacre," and the modern "Halloween" trilogy are some of the most notable horror franchises to go the requel route. Even outside the horror genre, franchises like "Star Wars," "Indiana Jones," and "Bad Boys" have gone through the requel treatment. 

The requel trend only seems to be growing in the horror genre though as fans can expect to see "The Exorcist" franchise return later this year with Blumhouse and David Gordon Green's upcoming requel being a direct sequel to the 1973 original. Yet, there are still plenty of classic horror franchises that could benefit from the requel treatment and find new life in the modern era of horror.

Friday the 13th

We've seen Ghostface and Michael Myers slash up the big screen lately. But it's been far too long since "Friday the 13th" fans have returned to Camp Crystal Lake to see Jason Voorhees carve a new path in his legacy. The last time fans saw Jason on the big screen was the highly forgettable and maligned 2009 reboot –- which is not how Jason's legacy should end. Unfortunately, a big reason that Jason has been on such a hiatus is due to there being a big copyright legal battle between the original film's writer Victor Miller and director-producer Sean S. Cunningham. However, it seems like the case is heading towards some kind of conclusion, so it's possible that Jason could be out of legal hell and all prepped for a big-time return.

There's plenty of potential for storylines from the older films to be continued. Maybe like Michael and Laurie, Jason can face one of his oldest foes – Tommy Jarvis. With other horror icons having grand returns, Jason's is long overdue and this requel could maybe find the right balance in making Jason a scary yet fun antagonist. Sure, it's cool to hear that A24 and "Hannibal" creator Bryan Fuller are teaming up for a prequel series called "Crystal Lake" for Peacock. But let's face it, fans want to see Jason come back bigger and bloodier than ever and a requel is the right way to do it. 


The rumors of "Gremlins 3" being in development have been swirling for ages, but signs of real progress haven't been seen for quite some time. So, maybe it's time to scrap the idea of "Gremlins 3" being a sequel and make it more of a requel. Frankly, the "Gremlins" franchise doesn't have the wide notoriety that other horror franchises like "Scream" or "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" continue to have. It's always been seen as more of a beloved cult classic. However, its dormancy since the '90s has kept it more in the shadows. So the idea of a sequel might not garner the same kind of enthusiasm it would've decades ago. Plus, it's not like "Gremlins 2: The New Batch" was exactly a box-office success, so Warner Bros. would be better off getting a clean start. 

A potential "Gremlins" requel could easily expand on the lore of the Mogwai creatures and be a great scary, yet family-friendly option compared to a lot of the more R-rated horror requels we're seeing lately. Also, having Zach Galligan return as an older Billy as the film focuses on his family could make for some great nostalgia that'll entice longtime fans. Warner Bros. clearly seems interested in the franchise with them working on the upcoming animated series "Gremlins: Secret of the Mogwai," so a requel certainly seems possible.


MGM announced back in 2021 that a reboot of "Blacula" was in the works with director Deon Taylor set to helm the revival of one of the most prolific characters in horror. While a standard reboot would be expected since it's been quite some time since a "Blacula" movie has hit the big screen, the return of "Blacula" would be much better served as a requel. The idea of fully cutting ties with the original film feels like a missed opportunity to find a balance between old and new while utilizing the lore and nostalgia of the franchise's history. 

Vampire movies are also clearly back in popularity again considering how many of them are set to hit theaters — including the recently released "Renfield," Andre Ovredal's "Voyage of the Demeter," Robert Eggers' remake of "Nosferatu," and even a "Dracula" movie from "Eternals" director Chloe Zhao. So, it feels like the perfect time for "Blacula" to return and requel would allow for the titular character to have a fresh reintroduction while still paying homage to the pivotal original film. 

Urban Legend

"Urban Legend" was a small '90s slasher that attempted to follow in the same footsteps as "Scream" in both style and execution, but rarely found the same acclaim. The original 1998 film saw a group of college students trying to stay alive as a gruesome killer hunts them down and tries to replicate well-known urban legends in their murders. "Urban Legend" could easily return to try and cash in on the resurgence that "Scream" is currently having, but have a unique modernization that could make it stand out more. 

Rather than the killer attempting to replicate generic urban legends, their killings could be more inspired by internet horror stories and grounded creepypastas. The impact of "Slender Man" and Syfy's "Channel Zero" has made creepypastas more prevalent in the horror community and wider internet dwellers. So an "Urban Legend" requel could easily tap into that for its plot. Also, if Jared Leto returned as Paul it would be a perfect way for different generations of audiences to rally around the return of "Urban Legend." So, while it might've started as a simple "Scream" knock-off, "Urban Legend" has all the potential to stand on its own with a well-made requel. 


The idea of a "Beetlejuice" sequel has been talked about ever since the original 1988 film became a critical and commercial success. But it has come to fruition. With so many franchises and films of the '80s getting reboots and requels, it's time that "Beetlejuice" makes its long-awaited return. It would be incredible to see Michael Keaton return as the titular mischievous entity and face off against an older Lydia (Winona Ryder) and her family. Tim Burton returning to direct as well would be super special, but it also might be cool to see someone new come in to channel Burton's vision for creepy visuals and love for practical effects. 

Frankly, the original "Beetlejuice" still holds up incredibly well and is a highly entertaining horror-comedy romp. It's always been a film that boasts the potential for more and there's no better time for "Beetlejuice" to come back to be this ambitiously fun horror experience that all generations of audiences can enjoy. While there's currently no "Beetlejuice" sequel in development, there have been rumors swirling that there are plans for one with "Wednesday" star Jenna Ortega attached. Given that "Wednesday" was also directed by Burton, Ortega's interest could make the development hell of "Beetlejuice 2" come to an end and really bring the franchise back to life. 

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Like Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger and "The Nightmare on Elm Street" franchise has been gone for too long. The last time fans saw Freddy invade his victims' dreams was back in the 2010 remake that simply wasn't up to par. The remake followed too close in line with the original film, to the point where it struggled to stand out. While Jackie Earle Haley's performance as Freddy was solid, it's not the same as having Robert Englund spouting iconic lines and being creepy on-screen. That's why a requel needs to happen — not only to bring Englund back to the role but also to give Freddy a real legacy-ender that solidifies "A Nightmare on Elm Street" as one of the best horror franchises of all time. 

In terms of story potential, a rematch between Freddy and Nancy Thompson (Heather Langenkamp) would obviously be a dream come true, but there's also another enticing option. A direct sequel to "Dream Warriors" — one of the most beloved "Nightmare" sequels — would be equally as great considering Patricia Arquette never got to continue her role as Kristen Parker. Arquette never ended up returning to the follow-up film since she wanted to pursue other opportunities and would eventually be replaced by Tuesday Knight. To see Arquette return and for the "Dream Warriors" storyline to continue would be incredible and just seeing Freddy back in nearly any capacity would be great for "Nightmare" fans.  

Cabin Fever

Eli Roth's 2002 body-horror flick "Cabin Fever" is still a gut-wrenching watch filled with some stomach-churning gore and story turns that leave viewers shocked. Yet, the films that came after the cult classic never were able to match Roth's steady vision of the original and leaned more toward upping the gore. That's why "Cabin Fever" is in desperate need of a requel that could bring the franchise back to the slow-growing suspense and horrific body horror of the original while still taking things in a more modern direction. 

It would be great to see Rider Strong return as Paul in a much grander fashion than his quick and underwhelming death in "Spring Fever's" opening. However, simply seeing how the infection has evolved and grown since the original film through a direct sequel would be equally as awesome. There's plenty of good story material for a requel to touch on and the fact that "Cabin Fever" still remains more of a cult franchise means that its return could be that good mix of freshly new and nostalgic that most requels hope to achieve. "Cabin Fever's" sense of body horror is just as effective as it was two decades ago and if a requel could capture that same skin-crawling magic, it would be legendary. 

My Bloody Valentine

"My Bloody Valentine" is another horror slasher of the '80s that deserves more attention than it gets thanks to its unique killer. The murderer has a pretty haunting look that instills chills into anyone that comes across them and the film features a bevy of memorable kills. Plus, it has a wild final twist with its killer that always presented the potential for more. That's why "My Bloody Valentine" needs a requel that'll continue its storyline and bring its unique killer into the modern age for some old-school slashing fun. 

Obviously, the requel for "My Bloody Valentine" could have Axel return as the film's miner killer as he attempts to restart his killing spree on Valentine's Day in the small mining town of Valentine Bluffs. His revenge could be focused on the descendants of the original film's characters and take a new brutal form. It could be a great organic way for the requel to touch on the history of the first film without simply copying its formula. Sure, there was a 2009 remake, but it's a film that's best left forgotten, and a "My Bloody Valentine" requel could do the original justice. 

The Creature from the Black Lagoon

Even after the collapse of the Dark Universe, Universal is clearly still interested in trying to bring its classic horror monsters into the modern horror world. Leigh Whannell's take on "The Invisible Man" created a modern horror tale of gaslighting and abuse, while Chris McKay's "Renfield" put a genre-blending spin on "Dracula." Now, it's time for Universal to deliver a modern take on one of their more beloved monster movies — "The Creature from the Black Lagoon." While a simple modern take would be fine and dandy, it would be cool to see Universal deliver a requel that brings in some of the history and lore of the original films. 

The horror community is always up for a creepy creature feature and bringing a classic franchise like "Creature from the Black Lagoon" back would definitely get fans excited. Plus, there are some great opportunities to update the titular creature's look and the atmosphere established in the original film. "The Creature from the Black Lagoon" deserves to be depicted through a modern lens and Universal really needs to give it a requel that'll put the franchise back on the map. 

Black Christmas

In 2019, Blumhouse and Universal attempted to deliver a reimagining of "Black Christmas" that fell flat. It was panned across the board and was rightfully criticized for only being "Black Christmas" in name. That film had nearly nothing to do with the 1974 classic and just further proved that "Black Christmas" needs a requel of its own. The original's ending has always left things on a somewhat inconclusive note. At the end of the original, Billy is shown to have been in the attic and starts to escape. A requel should definitely delve a little more into Billy's presence and killer history to flesh out mysterious parts of the original, while also utilizing a fresh cast to carry on the legacy of the original sorority sisters. 

"Black Christmas" could be a great way to bring some bloody horror to the holiday season — and with it having two unloved remakes already, there's nothing to lose with taking a stab at a requel. The original left the door open for more and with it having so much untapped potential for its story and creepy killer, "Black Christmas" could end up having a strong resurgence through a great requel. 

Prom Night

We already know that Jaime Lee Curtis was game for coming back as Laurie Strode for Blumhouse's modern "Halloween" trilogy, so maybe she'd be up for reprising her role from "Prom Night" for a requel too. As a whole, the original film is a standard slasher that has a cut-and-dry ending. That doesn't mean that there isn't some cool potential to see it return and have a similar feel to "Halloween." Like Laurie, Curtis' character Kim could process her trauma of being a survivor after her brother Alex went on a killing spree decades earlier. Now, as her own child's or grandchild's prom night comes around, her greatest fears come to life as a new killer returns to turn her prom night into a bloodbath. 

Seriously, this kind of requel writes itself and we could see Blumhouse all over it. If someone like Curtis came back for a "Prom Night" requel, it could definitely attract a wide audience and possibly be a great reimagining of a horror classic that could spawn even wider franchise ambitions if successful. 


Believe it or not, the 1997 horror-thriller "Anaconda" has actually spawned a pretty robust franchise with four mainline films and a crossover with "Lake Placid." However, after the first film, the franchise pretty much got relegated straight to DVD releases and fell into obscurity. Back in 2020, Sony tasked writer Evan Daugherty with penning the script for a reboot, but there's been little news since on it. Perhaps since seeing the success of other franchise requels, Sony and Daugherty have changed their minds with bringing "Anaconda" back as a simple reboot and are going the requel route. 

It wouldn't be a bad idea since hearing about the events of the original film in the requel would be a ton of fun and add to the impact of this franchise going back to its roots. It would be tough to believe that Jennifer Lopez and Ice Cube would return to the franchise in their lead roles, but you never know. Seeing them back in this franchise would be something that fans of the original would love. "Anaconda" has made some waves on the horror B-movie circuit for years, but it's time that it heads back to the star-studded, horror-thriller fun of the original by delivering a great requel.