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Why Delly West From Florida Man Looks So Familiar

A new series has just dropped on Netflix and if you're looking for a show that checks multiple genre boxes, you may want to give this one a watch. "Florida Man" stars Édgar Ramirez as Mike Valentine, an ex-cop trying to pay off his debts by taking a gig that requires him to find a mob boss's girlfriend who has run away to Florida. And even though Mike believes this is going to be a simple assignment, it develops into a stretched-out web of secrets and murder, sprinkled with an unforeseen romance. The series was created by Donald Todd and has multiple producers, including Jason Bateman.

Mike has more reasons than just to pay off some debts to take on this seemingly easy job, as he's also trying to make amends with his ex-wife who still works as a police detective. The mob boss who has hired him, Moss Yankov (Emory Cohen), accidentally insults his girlfriend after gifting her a necklace with another woman's hair stuck in it. And this kicks off the series as Moss instructs Mike to find her. The girlfriend of the boss, Delly West, is played by actor Abbey Lee, who you might recognize from some of her other best-known work.

She was of five post-apocalyptic wives

Fans who watched the original "Mad Max" films would say the action sequences were the best part. Writer/director George Miller decided to take that proven aspect of those films and stretch it into one long thrill ride in 2015's "Mad Max: Fury Road." The movie follows the reoccurring character "Mad" Max Rockatansky (Tom Hardy), who once again finds himself in the middle of some post-apocalyptic drama. This time, our loner hero has been captured by Immortan Joe (Hugh Keays Byrne), the leader of a war-focused group of dedicated soldiers. Unsurprisingly, Max escapes from his prison leading to a fuel-pumping furious chase across wastelands.

In this brutal world, being the crazy leader of a bunch of homicidal maniacs has its advantages. Immortan Joe has five wives and one of them is The Dag, portrayed by Abby Lee. Compared to the others, Lee's character is the strongest and not afraid to stand up to her leader/husband. Desperate and determined, The Dag and the other wives escape with Max to head across the desert, searching for freedom. By the end of this edge-of-your-seat thrill ride, The Dag survives and plans on continuing the Keeper of the Seeds' (Melissa Jaffer) work going. It will be interesting to see if Lee is involved in the upcoming sequel, "Mad Max: The Wasteland."

She was in the center of the battle between good and evil

There were plenty of fans buzzing when word came out that Stephen King's famous novel series "The Dark Tower" was being developed into a feature film. The wait ended when the Western science fiction movie was released in 2017 and starred Idris Elba as Roland Deschain, protector of the Tower, and Matthew McConaughey as the antagonist Walter Padick. Excitement over the film quickly vanished as both critics and moviegoers panned the final product. Even the story's original scribe, King, blamed producers for over-compacting the story and its PG-13 rating as the reason for its failure. Although to be fair, King told Vulture that he thought the screenwriter Akiva Goldsman "did a terrific job in taking a central part of the book and turning it into what I thought was a pretty good movie."

Right in the center of this fantasy tale is Lee's character, Tirana. This character's inclusion in the film may have surprised some fans of the books as Tirana only has a relatively small role towards the end of the written series. However, in the film, she is billed as part of the top cast. However, fans of the series were immediately pushing back against the inclusion of Lee's Tirana, believing producers were forcing a love interest for Elba's Roland.

She followed in the footsteps of a sinister cult leader

With the first half of Lee's career mainly focused on feature films, she tapped into the TV world by costarring in the HBO series, "Lovecraft Country." The show was based on and continued the 2016 novel of the same name written by Matt Ruff. The 10-part series starred Jonathan Majors as he portrayed Atticus Freeman, who teams up with his friend and uncle on a trip to 1950s segregated southern America in search of his missing father. Despite the scary encounters from both monsters and local racists, the story didn't have enough legs to be renewed by HBO for a second season.

The main antagonist of the series is Christina Braithwaite, portrayed by Lee. Christina is the daughter of a dangerous organization's leader who is hell-bent on obtaining as much power as possible. Following in her distant/unloving father's footsteps, the character is as self-driven as she is racist. And although Lee's character was as interesting to watch as the rest of the cast, HBO apparently felt that there wasn't enough need to continue the story further. Much like other series adapted from original books, the majority of the material was tapped out after the first season. Although many fans pointed to this probably being the cause of the series' cancellation, HBO never gave an official reason.

She grew up before our very eyes

There was once a time when actors had to be begging their agents to get them a role in an M. Night Shyamalan movie. Well, due to a string of what many consider box office failures, that attractive lure has died down. But that didn't stop the cast of one of the filmmaker's latest films, "Old," from putting forth their best efforts. The movie follows a group of vacationers who suddenly find themselves aging rapidly on a secluded beach. The casting of this mind-bender was unique, as each character required portrayals of multiple ages.

Lee plays the role of Chrystal, one of the family members of this terrifying holiday, who is presented as someone who is obsessed with her looks and how people perceive her. She suffers from hypocalcemia, a condition in which the blood doesn't receive enough calcium, resulting in difficult side effects. As her character hastily ages, this condition results in Chrystal having her bones and joints cracking and twisting, resulting in her eventual death. The movie, which was based on a French graphic novel called "Sandcastle," received mixed reviews from critics, which is actually an improvement from how Shyamalan's previous films have been scoffed at.