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Small Details You Missed In The Ahsoka Trailer

Being a Jedi isn't as easy as some make it out to be, especially if one is used to being respected and treated with honor and not hunted across the galaxy. Besides the shifting opinions on Force-users throughout the "Star Wars" galaxy which tends to reflect whoever is in current power, Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson) also has the rather dubious distinction of being the Padawan of Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen). This means that Ahsoka feels some guilt upon being unable to stop her former friend and mentor's downfall, which serves as one of her primary motivations.

Although Ahsoka has popped up in Disney's "The Mandalorian" and "The Book of Boba Fett," it seems as if it is her turn for a spin-off show. Having just released a brand new trailer, "Ahsoka" looks to see everybody's favorite Togruta travel across the galaxy as she runs into old allies and searches for growing threats — namely the infamous Grand Admiral Thrawn. Featuring plenty of callbacks and references to other shows and books within the "Star Wars" franchise, the trailer for "Ahsoka" is jam-packed with potential plots, teases, and Easter eggs.

'Heir to the Empire' has a bigger meaning

The "Ahsoka" trailer hit the ground running, featuring numerous returning characters from "Star Wars Rebels" — including our first look at Grand Admiral Thrawn. Fans have known since Season 2 of "The Mandalorian" that Ahsoka was after the Chiss military officer, but we now know he's coming in "Ahsoka."

To make "Star Wars" fans even more excited, the titular Jedi mentions that she's heard whispers of Thrawn's return "as heir to the Empire." While some may see this as a throwaway line to simply set up this new villain's presence, fans of the extended universe will immediately recognize the reference to Thrawn's first appearance in Timothy Zahn's novel, "Heir to the Empire."

The story takes place five years after the Battle of Endor and the defeat of the Empire. Grand Admiral Thrawn gathers his Imperial forces, including a clone of Jedi Master Jorus C'boath, becoming a massive threat to the New Republic. The fan-favorite novel is the first in Zahn's trilogy introducing Thrawn to the "Star Wars" universe, and many consider it the go-to Thrawn story. If Lucasfilm is adapting parts of it for the character's arc in "Ahsoka," then fans are in for quite the treat.

Is that Joruus C'baoth?

One of the most ominous figures in this new trailer for "Ahsoka" is a darkly dressed Force-user played by Ray Stevenson. Although not directly named or addressed, viewers can see that he is calm, cool, and collected, even as he ruthlessly attacks a group of Rebels with a bright red lightsaber and the trademark Sith move of Force Choke. However, since "Ahsoka" isn't wasting any time by showing that Grand Admiral Thrawn will be a major component of this upcoming show, it wouldn't be too far of a stretch to think that Stevenson's character — named Baylan Skoll on the "Ahsoka" IMDb — might be influenced by the same book series that Thrawn originates from.

Introduced in the aforementioned "Heir to the Empire" book, Joruus C'baoth is a Dark Jedi that is instrumental in many of Thrawn's plans, and he is actually a clone of slain Jedi Master Jorus C'baoth, a former friend of Emperor Palpatine (Ian McDiarmid). Clones are usually designated with a misspelled name in the world of "Star Wars," and considering that cloning plays a major component in both "The Mandalorian" and the new movie trilogy featuring a cloned Palpatine, it would make sense if "Ahsoka" features a cloned Jedi to highlight that this has been an ongoing process spanning decades. The details surrounding Baylan Skoll are sure to be of great interest, and it will be fascinating to see how and if he connects to Thrawn.

Tooka Cat aka new merch opportunity

Every "Star Wars" project centers around some form of conflict, and "Ahsoka" won't be short of space battles and threats that will pose arduous challenges for our heroes. People will suffer. Peril will befall corners of the galaxy. However, this franchise also understands that cute furry creatures are useful when it comes to launching a successful merchandising campaign. Plus, cute creatures provide some respite from all of the battles beyond the stars.

"Ahsoka" will continue this trend with Tooka cats. As you can see from the trailer, these orange critters are adorable, but they do more than sit around looking pretty. Tookas are known for their hunting skills, and they're predominantly used for getting rid of pests. The creatures have appeared in live-action "Star Wars" projects before, most recently on "The Mandalorian," where they can be spotted rummaging through garbage and snarling at Grogu.

The Tooka cat in the "Ahsoka" trailer looks cleanlier and friendlier than some of its peers, and its big cameo suggests that it might be the most significant feline to grace the "Star Wars" franchise to date.

Ahsoka's Clone Wars reference

The opening scenes in the trailer are full of homages, but there's one sequence, in particular, that really stands out. When Rosario Dawson's eponymous character unsheaths her lightsabers, she proceeds to use the Force to spin them around and open up a hole in the ground. It seems that she's getting ready for battle, as she's used the same maneuver during dangerous situations in the past.

This move is a reference to a big Ahsoka moment from "Star Wars: The Clone Wars." In one episode, the Force-sensitive Togruta performs the sequence so that she and Rex (Dee Bradley Baker) can escape a group of clones during Order 66. It's a subtle moment in the trailer, but eagle-eyed "Star Wars" fans will have a blast with it.

That said, the "Clone Wars" homage isn't the only Easter egg to crop up in the teaser for "Ahsoka." The same sequence also allows the title character to do her best impersonation of a character who's synonymous with a hit movie franchise about vampires, werewolves, and other horrors that pose a threat to humanity. That brings us to ...

A nod to Underworld

"Star Wars: Underworld" is an unproduced TV series that would have chronicled organized crime in the city of Coruscant. Unfortunately, the project died after Disney acquired Lucasfilm and pressed ahead with new movies and series, and there aren't any plans to resurrect "Underworld" at the time of this writing. The good news, however, is that the "Ahsoka" trailer pays homage to another "Underworld" that has absolutely nothing to do with the "Star Wars" franchise.

In one scene from the teaser, the titular character uses her weapons to cut through a stone surface and drop down to an underground lair. The scene in question is reminiscent of a scene from 2003's "Underworld," which sees Kate Beckinsale's vampire hunter, Selene, blast herself through a floor and land the same way as Ahsoka does in the trailer for the Disney+ series.

"Ahsoka" and "Underworld" both revolve around butt-kicking women, and it's nice to see the "Star Wars" series give a shout-out to the entertaining action-horror blockbuster.

Same shot as Rebels

It's about time "Star Wars Rebels" gets the respect it deserves, and it looks like "Ahsoka" will give fans plenty to chew on as it picks up where the animated series left off. At 0:40 in the trailer, we see Sabine (Natasha Liu Bordizzo) standing on a tower, watching as Ahsoka's T-6 shuttle flies overhead. The scene is a direct reference to how Sabine's story ended in "Rebels," proving that Dave Filoni is here to give fans what they want.

At the end of "Rebels," the Ghost crew have all gone their separate ways five years after the Battle of Endor. Sabine remains on Lothal, watching over the Capital City from her tower, when Ahsoka's ship flies past. The Mandalorian then leaves Lothal with the Jedi, assisting her in the search for Ezra.

The version in the "Ahsoka" trailer is nearly a 1:1 remake, bringing the two characters' reunion to live-action. It looks like the Disney+ series takes place around the same time as the flash forward at the end of "Rebels" and will show Ahsoka recruiting Sabine to look for Ezra and hunt down Grand Admiral Thrawn.

A callback to some infamous hallway fights

These poor New Republic soldiers really just can't catch a break. It wasn't enough that "Rogue One" gave fans one of the greatest "Star Wars" scenes of all time, ending the movie with Darth Vader cutting down an army of soldiers in a hallway, but it looks like they'll be victims of that once again in "Ahsoka."

At the 1:15 mark of the trailer, we see Ray Stevenson's new Sith taking on a small group of New Republic troopers on a ship. The soldiers can't do much but shoot their blasters at him as he effortlessly deflects the shots and walks closer and closer to them. The brief scene is oddly reminiscent of Vader's climactic ending in "Rogue One" — not to mention Darth Maul's (Sam Witwer) hallway scene from "Clone Wars" — and it definitely seems like these New Republic soldiers will suffer a similar fate. We see one get the Force Choke treatment, while the others don't really look to have anywhere to hide from this mysterious member of the Dark Side. 

Earlier this year, "Star Wars Rebels" star Freddie Prinze Jr. claimed that Dave Filoni directed the iconic "Rogue One" scene. The "Ahsoka" trailer certainly seems to validate that statement, making for an even stronger connection to "Rogue One." 

Sabine Wren

Early on in the "Ahsoka" teaser trailer, we're introduced to the live-action version of Sabine Wren played by Natasha Liu Bordizzo. Originating from the animated series "Star Wars Rebels," which takes place in the early years of the Rebellion prior to the events of the original "Star Wars," Sabine is a Mandalorian warrior who helps reunite her people by claiming the Darksaber from her adversaries. Though it's been years since she wielded the blade, Sabine has no doubt retained all the skillsets of a seasoned warrior.

Prior to the ending of "Rebels," Sabine develops a strong bond with her fellow member of the Ghost crew — aka the Spectres — Ezra Bridger, who disappears suddenly at the end of the "Rebels" story. In the series finale "Family Reunion – and Farewell," the Spectres dissolve, with Ahsoka and Sabine departing to the stars in search of their missing ally. Since "Ahsoka" takes place years after "Return of the Jedi," in-step with "The Mandalorian," it's unclear if these two are still in search of their fallen comrade or if they've given up the search entirely.

With Thrawn returning to threaten the galaxy, Sabine will likely be close behind. Since the Grand Admiral was the last one to see Ezra alive, she'll probably want a few words with the Imperial warlord regarding her friend's whereabouts. Nevertheless, as the Mandalorian culture continues to rebuild, we hope to see Sabine take part in her people's continued legacy. Maybe she'll even reunite with Bo-Katan down the line...

Mon Mothma

A longtime staple of the "Star Wars" universe, Mon Mothma has been a leader in the Rebellion for as long as they've been around. Though she first appeared in "Return of the Jedi," she was a Rebel long before the original trilogy. In fact, actress Genevieve O'Reilly — who replaced the original trilogy actress Caroline Blakiston — first played the character in George Lucas' third prequel installment "Revenge of the Sith," though only in a deleted scene. O'Reilly returned to "Star Wars" in the standalone prequel film "Rogue One," and has since played a recurring part in the franchise.

After a larger role in the series "Andor," O'Reilly returns as the Rebel leader here, possibly to aid Ahsoka in her search for Ezra Bridger, her work with Luke Skywalker to rebuild the Jedi Order, and in her hunt for Grand Admiral Thrawn. Given the character's history with Ahsoka via "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" and "Star Wars: Rebels," it doesn't come as a surprise that she would show up again here. In a galaxy full of corrupt politicians, she is a positive presence who continues to inspire hope.

In the old "Star Wars Legends" canon, Mon Mothma is a continued help to Luke during his mission to restart the Jedi, revealing that she holds the Order in high regard. No doubt, this will influence her time on "Ahsoka," and will hopefully continue to establish the former senator as a force to be reckoned with in the "Star Wars" canon.

Possible look at Lothal Jedi Temple

Though it only appears a handful of times in the series, the Lothal Jedi Temple was a mystic and megalithic site where Jedi Masters would bring their Padawans to determine their promise as potential Jedi Knights. In "Rebels," Ahsoka and Kanan Jarrus take Ezra to the temple as a rite of passage. Eventually, the site — which serves as a gateway to the World Between Worlds — is severed, and access to the Temple is cut off as it sinks below the surface. Years later, Luke Skywalker attempts to find the temple in Marvel's "Star Wars" comic series, only to lose the connection.

Admittedly, Ahsoka might not be at the Lothal Temple at all, but if she were to attempt a connection with the World Between Worlds, it seems like the first — and possibly only — place to start. Following the advent of the Empire, Jedi temples are few and far between, with many of them broken beyond repair. This is precisely why Luke is seen constructing a brand-new Jedi temple during the events of "The Book of Boba Fett." Whatever Ahsoka's reasons are for investigating the Temple, it's clear that she has a mission that she's going to see through.

Interestingly, the planet predominantly features black-colored sand — a substance we know Anakin Skywalker hates. Whether that's important or not remains to be seen, but it's a fun detail worth noting that makes this "Ahsoka" set piece, and Jedi Temple, unique.


There are plenty of notable astromech droids that have graced different episodes of the greater "Star Wars" canon, and while none are more famous than the original R2-D2, Chopper is in a category of his own. Following in the R2 tradition, this droid — officially designated C1-10P — has plenty of personality. Mischievous and a bit prejudiced against other droids, Chopper isn't so different from your standard R2 unit, if you discount the mini pincers sprouting out of his head. Naturally, he sticks out like a sore thumb in the "Ahsoka" teaser.

Aside from his animated appearances, Chopper has only shown up in live-action "Star Wars" on one brief occasion in the form of a cameo in "Rogue One." That said, "Ahsoka" will mark the fan-favorite droid's first official appearance in live-action "Star Wars," confirming his place in the post-"Return of the Jedi" world. And where Chopper is, the rest of the Ghost crew won't be far behind. After Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios (Steve Blum) made his live-action debut in Season 3 of "The Mandalorian," it doesn't come as a surprise that the rest of the Spectres would follow.

Though we don't know much about Chopper's role in "Ahsoka," we can assume based on the juxtaposition of shots that he is still working alongside the Ghost pilot Hera Syndulla, and probably still watching over her son Jacen. Hopefully, he'll have an R2-D2-like part in the Disney+ series, aiding Ahsoka on her adventures to defeat Thrawn, find Ezra Bridger, and restore the Jedi Order.

Hera Syndulla

Speaking of the Spectres, Hera Syndulla, played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead, is also seen in the "Ahsoka" teaser. Now a general in the New Republic, this Twi'lek pilot has continued the fight long after the death of her partner Kanan Jarrus, who gave his life to save the Ghost crew near the end of "Rebels." Since then, Hera was present at the Battle of Endor and has been raising her and Kanan's son Jacen as a single mother. How Hera will factor into Ahsoka's story remains to be seen, but the two have overlapping histories.

Appearing in "The Clone Wars" spin-off "Star Wars: The Bad Batch," set after the famed Clone Wars, a young Hera appears in a two-part episode that provides some necessary backstory for her hatred of the Empire. Continuing on to "Rebels," Hera works alongside Ahsoka in a Rebel cell stationed around the Lothal system, pushing back enemies such as the Grand Inquisitor, Darth Vader, Grand Moff Tarkin, Maul, and, eventually, Grand Admiral Thrawn. 

Needless to say, Hera has some real experience and is often considered the best pilot in the Rebellion — even better than Luke Skywalker or Han Solo. Though her ship, the Ghost, is seen briefly in "The Rise of Skywalker," it's unclear how long Hera outlives her companions in the greater "Star Wars" timeline. Hopefully, "Ahsoka" will keep her in the game for as long as possible.

Morgan Elsbeth

Following her guest appearance on "The Mandalorian," Ahsoka was on a mission to find Grand Admiral Thrawn and end his reign of terror for good. In her way stood Morgan Elsbeth (Diana Lee Inosanto), a servant of Thrawn's who's completely devoted to the Empire. But with the Empire in shambles and the New Republic on the rise, it stands to reason that Elsbeth has returned to the shadows to do her master's bidding outside of the public eye. Ahsoka may be tracking her down for more information, but there's another possibility as well...

The droid guards that Ahsoka battles in the teaser at the presumable Jedi temple ruins are the same ones who work for Elsbeth. In fact, Ahsoka and Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) battled them when their paths first crossed. While we know very little about Elsbeth's history, many believe that she may actually be one of the Nightsisters — a group of witches from Dathomir. The Nightsisters have dark ties to "Star Wars" antagonists Darth Maul and Asajj Ventress, both of whom die not long after "The Clone Wars" series.

Nevertheless, Elsbeth's return signals that Thrawn himself (also seen in the trailer) isn't far behind and that he means serious business. What exactly his goals are — you know, aside from reclaiming the Empire, that is — are currently unknown, but there's no doubt that Morgan Elsbeth is a part of his heinous plot.

Ezra Bridger

Arguably the main character of "Star Wars Rebels," Ezra Bridger is one of the most impressive Jedi to ever travel the galaxy. Trained by his master Kanan Jarrus, Ezra goes from a Force-sensitive misfit into a full-fledged Jedi Knight throughout the series, constantly breaking barriers and proving himself as one of the most powerful Force users of his time. As the only one to break through the World Between Worlds and go up against Darth Vader and Darth Maul, it's no wonder that Ezra was the one to defeat Grand Admiral Thrawn the first time around.

After his disappearance at the end of "Rebels," what happens to Ezra is one of the biggest unanswered questions in all of "Star Wars." With the deep-space whale-like creatures "the purrgil" appearing, albeit briefly, in recent episodes of "The Mandalorian," there's hope that we'll discover where they took Ezra and Thrawn after the events of the animated series. With Thrawn's return upon us and plenty of other animated characters coming to life in live action, there's no doubt that we'll be seeing Ezra Bridger soon enough, hopefully reunited with his friends.

Of course, it's entirely possible that Ezra — played by Eman Esfandi in "Ahsoka" — won't appear in anything more than holograms and flashback sequences, similar to Hayden Christensen's return as Anakin Skywalker (not including his time as Darth Vader) in "Obi-Wan Kenobi," but with Thrawn's arrival, it would be a shame if Ezra didn't make a real appearance as well.


Only appearing in a single shot in the "Ahsoka" trailer is the professor droid Huyang, known for his time in service to the Jedi Order. For over a thousand generations, Huyang taught different Jedi younglings, including the likes of Yoda and Mace Windu, the ways of the Force and their Jedi history. Alongside his tutelage, he also instructed young Jedi on constructing their very own lightsabers, preparing them for their intensive Padawan training. 

In "Star Wars: The Clone Wars," Ahsoka travels with the droid and a group of younglings as they gather their kyber crystals, which almost destroys the ancient professor. Now, we don't know what happened to Huyang between the events of Order 66 and the destruction of the Empire — over 20 years in "Star Wars" time — but we do know that he seems to be talking with Ahsoka here. It's possible, after "Obi-Wan Kenobi," that this scene is actually set during the Clone Wars since we know that Hayden Christensen is reprising his role as Anakin Skywalker. Maybe the droid's return has to do with a flashback sequence rather than a present regathering of the Jedi Order.

Voiced by David Tennant in the animated series, the actor is returning as the droid once more for "Ahsoka" for an undisclosed number of episodes, a nice nod to those who love both "Star Wars" and "Doctor Who." Thankfully, science fiction often overlaps, which is a win for everybody.

The World Between Worlds

While it's admittedly unclear if this is indeed the famed World Between Worlds seen in "Star Wars Rebels," the teaser trailer shows Ahsoka arriving at a ruined temple, possibly a Jedi temple. From the glyphs and maps seen during this sequence, some have noted that the former Jedi may be attempting to enter into the mysterious dimension that she has only briefly experienced before. Later on in the trailer, Ahsoka is seen battling Baylan Skoll in a space that looks somewhat similar to Ezra's time in the World Between Worlds.

Inspired by The Wood Between the Worlds from C.S. Lewis' "The Chronicles of Narnia" prequel "The Magician's Nephew," the World Between Worlds from "Star Wars Rebels" allows its guests to experience and even interact with various timelines. Only Ezra Bridger has been known to break into this Force-sensitive space — something even Emperor Palpatine couldn't do — where he saved Ahsoka from being murdered by her former master Darth Vader. Though he attempted to save his own master as well, Ezra recognized that the timeline changes would be too severe and cost the lives of his friends.

Though we don't know why Ahsoka might be trying to enter into the World Between Worlds — maybe she hopes to undo Anakin's descent to the dark side — we do know that it's a truly unique space that the "Star Wars" universe has kept at arm's length. Time travel can be dangerous, after all.

Ahsoka and Sabine are on ambiguous terms

With all the returning characters from "Star Wars Rebels" set to transition from animation to live action, it'll be interesting to see how Ahsoka and Sabine continue their partnership. In the teaser, Ahsoka mentions that it's been a long time since they saw one another, implying that they didn't find Ezra on their search years ago and that they haven't worked together since. Hopefully, these two will be as friendly as ever and set aside their past failures in order to save the New Republic from Thrawn's grip.

Though we don't know exactly how many years it's been since the end of "Rebels" — which collides with the events of George Lucas' original trilogy — we can assume that both Ahsoka and Sabine are much wiser than the last time we saw them together, and able to piece together everything they missed the last time they went out in search of their fallen ally.

Padawan braids

In the "Ahsoka" teaser trailer, we see a young woman named Shin Hati (Ivanna Sakhno) who wields an orangish lightsaber and exudes dark side energy. An apparent villain, Shin is on the hunt for Ahsoka and seems to be the apprentice of Baylan Skoll himself. Clad in a dark hood and a darker scowl, her violent and impulsive nature is a direct contrast to that of Ahsoka, who learned after years of training under Anakin Skywalker during the Clone Wars that those emotions should be controlled and channeled into something useful.

From the advent of George Lucas' prequel trilogy, the original architect of the "Star Wars" universe expanded on his 1977 film and explained many of the Jedi customs and histories that contributed to the greater universe. One such addition was the single braid that Jedi Padawans wore to signify their tutelage under a greater Jedi Master. They weren't Masters themselves, and they were yet to be Knights, making their training paramount to their education in the Force. In the teaser, Shin seems to sport her own Padawan braid.

Though this tradition dies out after the fall of the Jedi Order, it could make a comeback during the New Republic era. If Shin and Baylan are Sith, they may have ties to our hero's past or "The Clone Wars" era, and they wouldn't be the first Jedi to defect to the dark side or the first to turn their backs on Ahsoka.

Sabine's artwork

Aside from being a valiant warrior, Sabine Wren is also an artist. Having re-painted her own Mandalorian armor, and known for her unique hair coloring, Sabine draws on the side. In the "Ahsoka" teaser, a few drawings can be seen on her wall while she glances at a hologram of her fallen companion Ezra Bridger. Behind her, we see a pile of rocks somewhat reminiscent of the rocks Yoda uses to train Luke Skywalker's skill, patience, and concentration in "Empire Strikes Back." But that isn't the only art worth noting.

Directly to the left of Sabine's head is an image of a wolf-like creature. This is most likely a Loth-wolf, a species native to Ezra's homeworld of Lothal that often acts as "spirit guides" to Force-sensitive beings. Usually guardians of the light side, the Loth-wolves have aided Ezra in the past. Likewise, Sabine has drawn a few Loth-cats on her walls, no doubt companions to the actual Loth-cat she owns in her home. These felines are also native to Ezra's homeworld and are likely constant reminders to Sabine of his loss. While the drawings might not signify much in the grand scheme of the series, they add a bit of depth to the greater "Star Wars" universe. By remembering the past, Sabine can move on toward her future, whatever that may hold.

The return of the Inquisitors?

While it hasn't been confirmed, the teaser also shows glimpses of a battle between Ahsoka and a red lightsaber-wielding opponent who may be a member of the Inquisitors. While most of these assassins were defeated prior to "Return of the Jedi," it's certainly possible that there are a few still out there, hoping to eradicate the surviving Jedi from the galaxy. Throughout "Star Wars Rebels," "Obi-Wan Kenobi," and the Marvel Comics, the Inquisitors have mercilessly hunted nearly every surviving Jedi post-Order 66, though they failed to kill some of the most important.

Thankfully, Ahsoka easily gains the upper hand (at least, from what we can tell) and proves herself a formidable opponent for this Darth Vader wannabe. After seeing the Inquisitors — including the Grand Inquisitor — in live-action during the Disney+ "Obi-Wan Kenobi" series, it would certainly be exciting to see these villains show up again going forward. What's especially compelling about this group of Jedi killers is that many of them were trained directly by Darth Vader himself, meaning that much of Ahsoka's training under Anakin Skywalker most likely overlaps with their own.

It's entirely possible that the tension between Ahsoka's old master and the Inquisitors could play a factor in this fight, and the series in general, especially given the news that Hayden Christensen is reprising his role as Anakin Skywalker once again. Here's hoping for some epic "Clone Wars"-style "Sky-Guy" and "Snips" action from "Ahsoka," even if it's brief.