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How John Wick 4 Sets Up The Franchise's Many Spin-Offs

Contains spoilers for "John Wick: Chapter 4"

Ever since the Baba Yaga took his trip down to the basement in "John Wick," the world of hitmen, high tables, and consecrated turf has been littered with fascinating characters. For once, though, "John Wick: Chapter 4" carries a different arsenal in that more time is spent with the people John (Keanu Reeves) crosses paths with, many of whom have stories as intriguing as his. Allies, enemies, and characters standing their ground somewhere in between, causing all manner of led-fuelled mayhem in the fourth installment of John's story. In doing so, it leaves a path open for this new collection of killers to head off on their own journey, which wouldn't be the wildest of ventures given the plans for the "John Wick" franchise that don't include the man himself as the primary focus.

Since Ana De Armas is set to enter the world of Wick through the upcoming spin-off "Ballerina," there's no reason that some of the surviving stars of John's latest chapter get the same treatment. With a blend of old and young blood clearly showing their capability of keeping up with our dog-loving hitman, there are plenty of loose threads worth pulling at, some of which have unfinished business thanks to Mr. Wick's recent activities.

Akira versus Caine

While "Chapter 4" might suggest it's closing the door on Mr. Wick, regardless of what director Chad Stahelski might say, it does leave one slightly ajar for two of its most compelling supporting characters; Rina Sawayama's Akira and Donnie Yen's blind sword-swinging frenemy, Caine. In a rare post-credits scene for the franchise, Caine is seen heading to be reunited with his daughter only to have his journey interrupted by Akira making a beeline through the crowd for her father's killer, who she swore to avenge early on in the film. Drawing a blade she is inches away from her target before the screen cuts to black and the outcome of their encounter is left unknown.

While there's nothing on the future slate of "John Wick" spin-offs so far with Sawayama's or Yen's name attached, this tease makes a compelling case that there absolutely should be. Bound by a death that didn't need to happen, seeing both sides of a story involving hunter and hunted would make for a great watch, while also allowing building on the history that's alluded to between John, Caine, and Shimazu (Hiroyuki Sanada). By doing this, it could also open up the potential for flashbacks showing this trio of screen titans together and upping the screen time for a sorely underused Sanada.

Mr. Nobody is somebody to keep an eye on

One of the most surprising and welcome additions to "Chapter 4" was the debut of Shamier Anderson as the Tracker, aka Mr. Nobody. Not to be mistaken for Bob Odenkirk's "Nobody," who was considered to crossover with Wick following that film's success, Anderson is a backpack-wearing hitman who was only after our hero when the price was right. Of course, by the end of the film, the tides turn and Marquis de Gramont's (Bill Skarsgård) second-to-top gun helps Wick on his way to obtain his freedom, even enjoying a beer while doing so. Now with no debt left to pay to Gramont, the heavily armed world is open for this Nobody to become somebody, and we know just who he could cross paths with.

Given that Anderson's assassin is paired with the same breed of dog as Halle Berry's Sofia, last seen in "Chapter 3 — Parabellum," it would be cool to see these two standing against or alongside each other in a future film. As far as we know, Sofia has been forced into exile for her daughter's safety but could be drawn out of hiding if she learns she's in danger. While a spinoff would be a great opportunity for Anderson and Berry to collaborate onscreen, fans might be more excited to see not one but three Belgian Malinois in action.

The original Continental still has yet to open

Besides the potential paths that could be taken from "Chapter 4," there's one that fans still have yet to head down that's been planned since 2017. "The Continental" is an upcoming spin-off TV series that came into development following "John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum" and is confirmed to be set years before John's revenge-fuelled rampage. Beginning in 1975, the show will revolve around a young Winston (Ian McShane's character) and his loyal concierge, Charon (previously played by the late great, Lance Riddick). Colin Woodell and Ayomide Adegun have been confirmed to be taking on the respective roles, and given the events of "Chapter 4," this series couldn't be better timed.

Even in the final moments prior to Charon's unexpected demise in the latest "John Wick" film, it was hinted at just how close Winston and Charon were during their time at The Continental. A show highlighting their first few years working together could make the fracture of this friendship that has spanned decades even more heartbreaking in the latest installment. Not only that, but it could also open the return of previously deceased characters walking through The Continental as their younger selves. From big bad boss Viggo Tarasov (​​Michael Nyqvist) in the first film to Anjelica Huston's Director from the third, there's a massive guest list just waiting to check into The Continental. 

Fans might have to rely on these spin-offs to get their "John Wick" fix from now on given the way "Chapter 4" ends, but that's only if the Wick really has been spent. If you ask us though, we're thinking he'll be back — sooner or later.