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The Final Part Of Attack On Titan Finally Gets A Release Window

Though the alleged final season of "Attack on Titan" has certainly grown a little bit long in the tooth since it began back in December 2020, fans are no doubt relieved and excited to know that the epic anime saga is, at last, coming to a conclusion in 2023. With Part 3 of The Final Season being comprised of a one-hour special set to air on March 4, eager viewers have naturally been waiting with bated breath to find out when the final one-hour episode would air, concluding the story once and for all.

Notably, Studio MAPPA, who took over from Wit Studio in Season 4, had their work cut out for them with dozens of intense battle and war sequences to animate, as well as a world-changing event that comprised thousands of titans. Add this to their already full plate with other hit anime like "Jujutsu Kaisen," "Chainsaw Man," "Dorohedoro," and "Vinland Saga," and it's really no surprise that the final two episodes have been delayed for so long. Fortunately, there is now a loose window for the final episode of "Attack on Titan."

Fans can expect the final episode of Attack on Titan to air this fall

A short Japanese trailer dropped for the final one-hour special in advance of The Final Season: Part 3 of "Attack on Titan," and according to Anime Corner, the text translates to say Fall 2023 at the end of the teaser. This is no doubt a relief for fans, as the show left off in the middle of a cataclysmic and apocalyptic scenario that was being led by the central protagonist himself, Eren Yeager (Yuki Kaji/Bryce Papenbrook).

With Eren's friends and enemies united to stop his genocidal rampage once and for all at seemingly any cost, the stakes couldn't be higher. Though the supersized March 4 episode of "Attack on Titan" will no doubt give us some indication of the measures that the surviving Marleyans and Paradis residents will undertake to stop Eren, we won't be getting the full conclusion, so it's good to know that the remainder of the story will at least be coming within a five-to-six-month window of the new episode.