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Attack On Titan Fans Are Noticing A Pattern With The 'Final Season'

"Attack on Titan" fans can finally breathe a sigh of relief now that the show has a release date for the third part of its final season. Furthermore, with Studio MAPPA planning to have both of the last parts of the concluding arc arrive by the end of 2023, the wait to see how things will shake out in the series may finally be over soon.

With protagonist Eren Jaeger's (Yuki Kaji/Bryce Papenbrook) heel turn in Season 4 firmly cemented by the start of The Rumbling in the previous batch of episodes, friends and enemies from both sides of the war have finally put their bitter differences aside in hopes of getting through to Eren at last. Otherwise, they'll be forced to kill him — if they even can, that is.

Speaking of conflict, fans of the popular series have begun to notice a particularly aggravating pattern to how the supposed final season of "Attack on Titan" is being marketed and distributed, and they're not shy about pointing it out.

There are a lot of parts and episodes in the final season

Following the announcement of the release date for the remaining episodes of "Attack on Titan," fans quickly turned to social media to share their ire. Being that there are already 28 episodes in Season 4 (more than any other season) and that there are seemingly at least another 10-12 episodes on the way, it looks like fans are tired of having their chains yanked.

"New season of Attack on Titan is literally named 'Attack on Titan Final Season, The Final Edition Part 1,'" tweeted @GiggukAZ. The user went on to mock the naming structure by comparing it to a constantly renamed and updated file on someone's work PC.

Twitter user @lailagrxce was also quick to mock the naming conventions behind the 4th season of the series. "Me trying to explain to my non-anime friends that I'm waiting to watch AOT Season 4, Part 3, Part 1, and Part 2," the user said, sharing a picture of Billie Eilish crying to convey their emotions.

Honestly, "Attack on Titan" fans are right to be a little miffed at this point. The marketing team behind the show's alleged final season has clearly been using the word "final" in a very loose sense to keep the hype for the series up, and it looks like viewers are getting pretty tired of it. Luckily, they won't have much longer to wait to see how things come to an end in the popular series.