Young Sheldon's Iain Armitage Is Down For Surpassing The Big Bang Theory

When CBS's "Young Sheldon" premiered back in 2017, there wasn't much doubt that the series would immediately garner viewer attention. After all, it was a spinoff to one of the longest-running sitcom series in history. Fans that lost their go-to comedy fix suddenly had a brand new outlet to tap into. However, inherited popularity does not guarantee longevity. A spinoff series will eventually see its connection to its predecessor fades, making the quality of the show all that counts. And after seven successful seasons, "Young Sheldon" has surely proven that it is a great standalone show. The series' strong foundations make not only fans, but the show's lead actor himself, wonder if it's possible for "Young Sheldon" to surpass the run of "The Big Bang Theory."

For those who haven't given the series a try, "Young Sheldon" takes place in the late '80s, then early '90s, and follows young Sheldon Cooper (Iain Armitage) years before he becomes the brilliant physicist fans grew to love on the original, present-day series. The young lad has made it all the way up to high school at only age 9, and the show takes every step with him as he attempts to shuffle his work and unique social life. But at this point, as the seventh season has concluded, "Young Sheldon" is becoming not as young anymore, and increasing attention towards other members of the Cooper family suggests it might be nearing the end of its run. For Armitage, whether or not that's the case, he seems to be fine either way.

Iain Armitage's attitude is one that should be admired

If "Young Sheldon" treks ahead, both Iain Armitage and creator/producer Chuck Lorre would be on board. They spoke to ET Online about the show's longevity, and if it has a shot to surpass "The Big Bang Theory's" mind-blowing 12-season run. "[If] the audience is still enjoying the show and along with the journey then there's no question there's a lot of stories to tell," said Lorre. As for Armitage, he's happy either way. "I would love [to do] more," he said. "I would be cool with whatever. I mean, we'll see. I don't think I could tire of these people." This attitude seems on par with what actor Lance Barber (George Cooper) said to Esquire, about Armitage. "He's one of those kids that was built to do it. In his genetics is show business," he said.

Of course, Armitage has no problem with surpassing "The Big Bang Theory” and its 280-episode run, but the real question is whether or not fans will tire of the show first. As time moves forward, some fans have been calling for an end, indicating that "Young Sheldon" may be coming close to its conclusion. However, Deadline reported that the series has been renewed through the 2023–2024 season, making it seem like there is much more comedy to get through. No matter the outcome though, the show's young star appears to be satisfied. "We have some pretty wonderful cast mates but hey, [seven] seasons is a lot but if we get to eight that would be incredible," Armitage said.