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Steve-O Is Truly Disappointed By Bam Margera's Diss On Johnny Knoxville

For longtime "Jackass" fans, it's safe to say that Steve-O's transformation has been nothing short of miraculous. For much of his early tenure at "Jackass" (the MTV film and television franchise hell-bent on capturing some of the most dangerous and moronically funny stunts you can imagine), Steve-O's infectious adrenaline and willingness to do anything on camera made him the series' breakout star — though that persona was heavily fueled by drug and alcohol abuse, which might have killed the rising star had his friends not stepped in.

As the franchise gained popularity, Steve-O's addiction worsened to the point where "Jackass" creator Johnny Knoxville eventually had to stage an intervention for him in between "Jackass 2" and "Jackass 3D" — an act which Steve-O credits to this day as the reason he's still alive. Now, nearly 15 years sober, the oft-injured stuntman has been incredibly vocal about the benefits of sobriety and the ways it changed his life for the better. Most recently, he's turned his attention towards fellow "Jackass" icon Bam Margera, whose own struggles with addiction led to his dismissal from 2022's "Jackass: Forever."

Although Steve-O has certainly made an effort at connecting with Bam and pushing him towards sobriety and recovery (even inviting him onto his podcast, "Steve-O's Wild Ride!"), recent comments from Steve-O indicate that the stuntman is extremely disappointed in Bam, and is bracing himself for Bam's eventual demise from addiction.

Steve-O is disappointed but unsurprised at Bam's recent actions

Bam Margera's extremely public spiral into addiction has been ongoing for some time now, though it seemed to reach new heights during 2022 which saw frequent news reports about his escapes from rehab, his near-death experience from COVID-19, and his expulsion from the set of "Jackass Forever." These stories have been augmented by Bam's own comments on social media, including a February 3rd Instagram post lambasting "Jackass" creators Jeff Tremaine and Johnny Knoxville for allegedly turning their backs on him.

In a since-deleted comment on this post, Steve-O tore Bam apart for posting, condemning him for getting "loaded" after performing on stage with his son, and expressing his sincere disappointment at Bam's hate-fueled comments towards Knoxville and Tremaine. "You say you want to have a relationship with your son, but your actions guarantee the exact opposite will happen ... I can't force you to get honest and do the work of recovery," wrote Steve-O. "You're dying, brother, and it sucks that I can't do anything to save you." 

During a recent episode of his podcast, Steve-O reiterated that he was "equally disappointed as [he] was unsurprised," at Bam's comments, and felt somewhat guilty for having propped him up on tour only for him to get drunk and hateful the moment the shows ended. Steve-O went on to say that he had reached out to Bam about opening a trust for his son, only to get no response. Regardless of where Bam Margera's story goes from here, it's clear that Steve-O still cares about his costar and friend, but is frustrated with Bam's lack of commitment to recovery.