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Fan Art Of Timothée Chalamet As The Batman's Robin Feels All Too Real

Almost every iteration of Batman is never complete without the boy wonder himself, Robin, by his side. Through the caped crusader's many decades of enthralling comic readers, several have donned the sidekick's red and yellow suit, each bringing their own unique personality and backstory to the table. Whether you prefer the classic Dick Grayson or the hard-hitting Damian Wayne, there's a flavor of Robin for everyone out there. 

Robin's time on the big and small screen has been just as vast. From Burt Ward's iconic interpretation of the character in the 1966 "Batman" TV series to Chris O'Donnell's angsty take in Joel Schumacher's "Batman & Robin" duology, Robin's screen versions have helped keep the character alive for new generations. It's crucial that every new version of the character brings something fresh to offer to the role and that any actor portraying Robin is willing and ready to put in the work. And for one fan artist, there's one name who could do all that and then some. 

Fans can see Timothée Chalamet playing various Robins

In February 2020, Instagram artist @mizuriau created a piece of fan art that sees "Call Me By Your Name" and "Dune" star Timothée Chalamet donning the iconic black mask of Dick Grayson. The post's caption reads, "I still think he's the perfect cast for Dick Grayson next to Robert Pattinson's Batman. He's an incredible actor, and anything is possible!" And they're not the only one. 

Comments on the post have seen plenty of fans practically squeal with glee over the idea. User @barry_brick exclaims, "Only one word — YES!!" while another user comments that the Oscar-nominee  " ... can do anything." Others, while intrigued by the concept, feel that Chalamet embodies a different kind of Robin, with @mai.meriggi commenting, "I think I'd like to see him more like Tim Drake." As of this iteration, the third iteration of the iconic sidekick has only had one live-action appearance thus far in the third season of the hit series "Titans," where he is portrayed by Jay Lycurgo. 

Sadly, Chalamet wouldn't be appropriate to cast as Damian Wayne in the upcoming "Brave and the Bold" movie, given the character's Arabic and Asian heritage. However, we wouldn't mind him ignoring the advice given to him about superhero movies if it means we can see Chalamet take on almost any of the other Robin personas.