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Trevor Noah's 60 Minutes Interview Had Fans Calling Him 'Brilliant'

Your political views notwithstanding, it's undeniable that Trevor Noah has an objectively likable character and disposition. On top of a bright, affable smile and a great sense of humor, Noah is an intelligent man who knows how to express his thoughts in a way that can be easily understood even by those he doesn't see eye to eye with. Even when arguing with someone from a completely opposite political stance, like Tomi Lahren, he remains respectfully challenging, whilst also being genuinely inquisitive about her point of view, striving to understand it instead of immediately reproaching it and stifling dialogue.

This is true of Noah whether he is the one interviewing or being interviewed. In an interview with Lesley Stahl on "60 Minutes", the South African native's pleasant demeanor and astute eloquence were once again the target of fans' praise, who admired the way he carried himself throughout the whole 13-minute-long video.

Noah's genius and magic

In the interview, Noah talked a little about different topics, from joining and hosting "The Daily Show" after Jon Stewart, to being "born a crime" by the social standards of the time, to dealing with poor mental health as a result of ADHD. Regardless of the topic he was tackling, the comedian conducted himself in a way that fans have come to admire him for: with genuine openness and unaffected fluency.

A fan wrote: "what makes this interview great is how the interviewer asked and how Trevor responded in a very brilliant and genuine way." Others, even go as far as using the words "genius" and "magic" in association with the way Noah expresses himself and answers questions.

Among the many responses fans considered to be brilliant, Trevor's description of what it was like to grow up in poverty, while not having a point of comparison with the upper class, is one that stands out to fans: "I love how he explained how 'poverty' is perceived by those who grow up with it — brilliant," commented another YouTube user.

Other fans pointed out Noah's ability to perceive both sides of an argument and how he's able to articulate his views in a way that is easily digestible, no matter who the recipient may be: "his ability to always see both sides and break it down to everyone else to understand always blows my mind ... he's an incredible human being." 

Humble and sincere no matter the topic

The fact that Noah can talk openly about mental health, namely his struggle with ADHD and the depression that comes with it, is also something that is touching for many fans, especially those going through similar psychological experiences: "the way he linked depression and ADHD was absolutely brilliant and made me tear up because I felt so seen. I've really been struggling with this feeling of overwhelm lately and it's nice to know someone else (especially someone so successful!) feels this way and can deal with it," wrote @hp14turtlepoo.

Regardless of the topic, Noah never fails to show sincerity and humility, "Things like racism, antisemitism, and depression are very hard to truly put in words to explain the full magnitude of what that feels like and Noah does an excellent job in selecting the perfect words to communicate the main idea and he does it in the most respectful and elegant way," read another comment.

If it was not clear before — which, if you're a real Trevor Noah fan, it was — the comments under this interview unquestionably show that there are many facets of the comedian's personality that fans deeply admire. It is proof that "brilliant" is only one of many compliments that can be rightfully attributed to him. Even after saying goodbye to "The Daily Show", many loyal fans will be looking forward to seeing what's next for the talented comedian.