12 Monstrous DC Villains We Want To See In The DCU's Gods And Monsters Chapter

We finally have the first set of films and shows for James Gunn and Peter Safran's reboot of DC Universe. With a recent announcement video, Gunn detailed some of the things fans can expect to see in the DCU's first chapter, titled "Gods and Monsters." Under that banner, DC's most notable and obscure heroes will be brought to life, and there are some interesting additions that shouldn't go unnoticed. While it's no surprise to see Superman and Batman headlining, it's remarkable to think that a Green Lantern show starring Hal Jordan and John Stewart, a Supergirl movie, and a series set in Wonder Woman's home of Themyscira are in the future as well. On the "Monsters" side of things, there are some unexpected heroes that flex DC's horror side like Swamp Thing and Creature Commandos.

With the term "Monsters" being a key part of the theme of the DCU's first chapter, it not only means that we'll likely see some monstrous and horror-themed heroes, but also some villains. Pretty much every DC hero has some kind of horrific creature or strangely concocted monster enemy they fight at some point. Whether it's an alien from space hellbent on conquest or a manmade monster set on terrorizing those around them, DC's supply of villainous monsters is neverending. So let's take a look at some of DC's greatest monster villains we'd love to see in Gunn and Safran's DCU.


Although Batman has plenty of maniacs and monsters in his rogues' gallery, none are as grotesque or genuinely scary as Clayface. After once-prominent actor Basil Karlo sees that his most popular horror movie is being remade without him, he takes on the persona of the film's titular killer, Clayface, and goes on a bloody killing spree. In his original incarnation, Clayface is just a masked serial killer. But now, most modern depictions of the character see him as something much more monstrous. When Karlo falls into a vat of toxic clay, he becomes this hulking monstrosity made of clay that's tough to look at and features unique powers. 

Not only can Clayface manipulate his appendages to become dangerous weapons, but he can also transform his body to appear as someone else. As Clayface, Karlo becomes the chameleon actor he's always wanted to be, but it comes at a horrifying price. The character has become much more popular over the years being seen in the "Batman: Arkham" games and the animated series "Harley Quinn," where he's voiced by Alan Tudyk and is absolutely hilarious. A live-action version of Clayface could bring an equal amount of body horror and mystery to his story and is a fitting foe for Batman and Robin to take on together. Clayface perfectly fits the "Monsters" bill and could be one of the DCU's deadliest foes if done right. 

The Trench

When the James Wan-produced "Aquaman" spinoff, "The Trench," was canceled, it left a big hole that had a lot of great potential. "The Trench" would've not only put a bigger spotlight on the creature colony teased in "Aquaman," but there were also plans for the film to secretly star Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II). Seriously, imagine how awesome that would've been. Now though, with the DCU's first chapter being monster-focused, there's an opportunity for the Trench to rise again in a more fitting world. 

For those who don't know, the Trench are a former tribe of Atlantis that became relegated to living in the dark depths of the ocean and evolved into monstrous beings. The Trench have the looks of alien-like creatures of the deep, and their thirst for blood makes them incredibly vicious. With their sharp nails and teeth, immense strength and speed, and tendency to stick together in large groups, the Trench rarely let their prey escape. Even if Gunn doesn't end up bringing the canceled "Trench" movie back to life, the Trench could be a horrifying faction set within the DCU that'll make anyone afraid of traversing the oceans, even Aquaman (Jason Momoa).


Chemo is the definition of a science experiment gone wrong. He's someone who could cause massive destruction to anyone who opposes him in the DCU. After a scientist fills a plastic vessel with his failed lab experiments, the combination eventually results in a chaotic reaction that causes Chemo to spring to life and go on a destructive rampage. Aside from his towering presence that makes him able to crush anything in his path, the chemicals that make up Chemo's body allow him to have some pretty wild powers.

Chemo can make millions sick in a matter of minutes due to his toxicity, and he can also mimic the powers of heroes who come in contact with him. He's a real pain for heroes as strong as Superman and takes a lot of careful planning to take down. With Chemo being the perfect type of monster to give even the DCU's most powerful heroes a problem, he's easily a strong candidate for a surprise threat for an eventual Justice League or Teen Titans. Chemo basically being walking radiation also makes him a fitting villain for the generally WWII-set Creature Commandos. Regardless of where Chemo shows up, he could be one of the DCU's biggest surprises and cause some real havoc.

The Floronic Man

If Gunn and Safran are serious about making Swamp Thing a prominent part of the DCU then he needs to please fans and right some past wrongs by bringing the Floronic Man to life. In a similar vein to Alec Holland becoming Swamp Thing, scientist Jason Woodrue also became connected to the Green, but he used his powers for evil as the deadly Floronic Man. His appearance is remarkably unsettling as flowers and mushrooms grow across his body, and his emaciated appearance is downright chilling. With all the fungal horror seen throughout HBO's "The Last of Us," Gunn and the DCU could tap into their own brand of gross fungal horror with the Floronic Man. 

More importantly, bringing the Floronic Man into the DCU to face Swamp Thing would put DC back in fans' good graces and make up for the immense disservice of what happened with the short-lived "Swamp Thing" series. It was already bad enough that DC prematurely canceled "Swamp Thing" before the series even released its first episode, but the tease it left fans on was just cruel. It hinted at a battle between Swamp Thing and the Floronic Man that likely would've been incredible to see. Now, the DCU has the opportunity to make it up to fans. If the Floronic Man shows up in the Swamp Thing movie, it further shows how Gunn and Safran are saving the day for DC fans.

Mister Mind

Mister Mind is a perfect villain to bring into the DCU's "Gods and Monsters" chapter — and his story could already be unfolding. Although Mister Mind has the appearance of a small worm, he's much more powerful and capable of destruction. His superior intelligence and mental abilities make him capable of taking over human hosts to eventually control large populations. He's most likely known for leading the Monster Society of Evil, a group of monstrous villains hellbent on destruction and power.

Believe it or not, DC fans already met Mister Mind in the DCEU in the "Shazam!" films. The small character (voiced by the director, David F. Sandberg) can be seen in the Wizard's cave trying to escape his glass prison and also in the post-credit scene with Dr. Sivana (Mark Strong). In his scene with Sivana, Mister Mind started hinting that he's interested in forming a new alliance. With Shazam's (Asher Angel and Zachary Levi) place in the new DCU seemingly staying the same, for now, Gunn could easily continue this storyline and make Mister Mind an unexpected threat. Who knows — maybe we'll even see the Monster Society of Evil form to be the first chapter's big threat.


One of the biggest series coming in this first chapter of the DCU is a Green Lantern show, titled "Lanterns," which will see Hal Jordan and John Stewart as space cops solving a mystery. The details of said mystery are still heavily under wraps, aside from it being "True Detective"-inspired, but it could perhaps lead to Atrocitus. Atrocitus is the founder of the Red Lantern Corps and a vengeful being looking to take down any Green Lantern he comes across.

The backstory behind his rage and mission of revenge is that he seeks to destroy the ones who caused his family to be killed during a devastating massacre. The idea of John and Hal searching the galaxy for someone who's murdering other Green Lanterns and having it all lead to Atrocitus sounds amazing, and there's potential for it to happen. He'd be a perfect first villain for the Green Lanterns to face and one whose story fits the bill for a mystery thriller that keeps you on your toes. Atrocitus' vicious nature makes him the perfect antagonist for a cosmic detective series about hunting down a serial killer, and it's the perfect genre to let Atrocitus live up to this name.

Solomon Grundy

Another highly anticipated series coming to the DCU is "Waller," a series focused on the nefarious and domineering Amanda Waller. Viola Davis is set to reprise her role as Waller, and Gunn has also said that the "Peacemaker" crew will also make an appearance. There's no word as to what or who fans can expect to see villain-wise for the series, but there's one hulking monstrosity who would be perfect to appear in a large role: Solomon Grundy. Named after the 19th-century nursery rhyme of the same name, Grundy is a massive reanimated corpse whose intense strength and brutal rage make him a total terror to fight. 

Grundy has been seen on the small screen before in his human form in "Arrow" as well as in his zombielike persona in "Gotham" and "Stargirl." If he's heavily featured in a spotlighted role in "Waller," it could honestly be game-changing. There's a lot of great lore for the character with his connection to the nursery rhyme and even being a murder victim in one of his origin stories. Plus, the idea of the "Peacemaker" team having to find and fight against a giant zombielike Grundy sounds both epic and hilarious. Grundy is definitely someone DC fans will want to see — hopefully with better effects than the small screen versions — and could easily be a top-tier monster in the "Gods and Monsters" chapter.


With Gunn and Safran bringing The Authority, who are originally a part of the Wildstorm Universe, into the DCU, some of their foes have to be considered to appear. And there's one who dips his toes in both worlds. Not to be confused with Mongal (Mayling Ng), who briefly appeared in Gunn's "Suicide Squad" film, Mongul is a powerful warlord who's obsessed with conquering new worlds and facing the toughest combatants. While also fighting The Authority at times, Mongul has taken on the likes of Superman and Green Lantern and has been a real problem for the Justice League.

In some iterations, Mongul is just as strong and indestructible as Superman and is able to take over worlds with horrific brute force. He's probably one of DC's most powerful villains and could easily make for a great saga-ending villain or a simple baddie for someone like The Authority to take on as a part of their personal arc in the DCU. Perhaps Mongul's appearance could also lead to a stronger showing for Mongal, since she's his sister. There's plenty of terrifying villainy that Mongul's presence can bring, and he'd be a great way for DC's cosmic side to meld with its earthbound heroes.

Gorilla Grodd

Most of DC's monster villains bring either swift intelligence you wouldn't expect or an intimidating physical presence, but Gorilla Grodd brings both. After gaining psionic abilities that give him superintelligence and telepathy, Grodd expands his desires for conquering beyond his advanced home of Gorilla City to the rest of Earth. Although Grodd's physical strength and bulking demeanor make it seem like he's all brawn, he's got plenty of brains to match. 

Grodd often acts like a general in a war with how he crafts plans of conquest and leads other villains into treacherous battles. He's known for fighting the Flash but has had plenty of bouts with DC's other heroes as well. Fans have seen Grodd throughout different animated films and shows, but have also seen a live-action version (David Sobolov) of the character in "The Flash." Given how pivotal he is to DC's lore and villain roster, Grodd is definitely somewhere in the DCU's future, likely being a big threat for the Flash or the Justice League. Fans should always be on their toes for his imminent arrival, and seeing Gorilla City come to life on-screen will be something truly special.


If Gunn and Safran are looking for a strong blend of the "Gods and Monsters" title, then Trigon has to be at the top of the list because he's literally both. Trigon is essentially a demonic god of Hell who is one of the strongest forces in the entire DC Universe. He harnesses all the superpowered capabilities of DC's greatest heroes and has plenty of experience enslaving and taking over worlds. When Trigon rears his ugly, six-eyed head, everyone should expect Hell on Earth and the fate of the entire world to be in jeopardy.

Most DC fans probably know Trigon as the father of Teen Titans alum Raven. He has appeared both in animated and live-action form in Cartoon Network's "Teen Titans" (voiced by Keith Szarabajka and Kevin Michael Richardson) and HBO Max's "Titans" (Seamus Dever). Trigon's presence would instantly bring the DCU into a horror-filled atmosphere fitting for a "Gods and Monsters" chapter.

Lord Saturna

DC obscurity The Authority isn't the only left-of-center group coming with the new universe — we've got to start thinking of villains the Creature Commandos could face in their upcoming animated series. Perhaps they could fight their own Earth-invader in Lord Saturna. Like Mongul, Saturna's main aim is to conquer anything he can, but he lacks Mongul's savviness and power. Saturna's much more bark than bite, and he gets betrayed often. So while he seems like a major threat, he could also be considered a joke.

Honestly, it would be fun to see the Creature Commandos go up against someone like Saturna, who presents himself as something bigger than he actually is. It could kick the DCU off with a hilarious villain who's just as weird-looking and strange as the Creature Commandos themselves.


Wonder Woman's place in the DCU is currently unclear. The only thing we know is that we're getting a prequel series, titled "Paradise Lost," set in Themiscyra, but as it becomes clearer, Medusa definitely needs to be one of her first foes. Medusa is exactly what you would expect. Like the Greek mythology figure she's based on, Medusa can petrify and control anyone who locks eyes with her, and the snakes pouring out of her head give her a venomous bite. While she's a pretty standard monster antagonist, Medusa could be a cool threat to see brought to life in the DCU, maybe even in "Paradise Lost."

A foe of Green Lantern, Hawkman, Supergirl, and Batwoman as well as Wonder Woman, Medusa might be a familiar face for anyone slightly versed in Greek mythology, but she's a formidable force. She gets a good fight with Wonder Woman in the White House, but she also suffers a nerfing during the New 52 run, reduced to a Gotham crime lord. Going with a classic Gorgon facing off against badass Amazonians is any kid's dream for a big-screen spectacle, and it would be an incredible opening to a Themiscyra-set fantasy series.