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Vikings: Valhalla's Leo Suter Discusses Harald's Season 2 Evolution - Exclusive

It's no secret that Leo Suter's "Vikings: Vallhalla" character, Harald Sigurdsson, is based on the very real historical figure Harald Hardrada. And given that Hardrada was the king of Norway for about 20 years in 1045, it's not exactly a shock that Harald is doubling down on his quest to become Norway's king in Season 2 of the Netflix series. 

Even though Harald has some hefty ambitions, there's one character who just might prevent him from claiming what he views as his rightful destiny. But given the fact that Hardrada's futile attempt to conquer England essentially ended the Viking era, it's safe to say that Harald will likely find success in his lofty goal in the series.

Looper spoke to Leo Suter during an exclusive interview, where the actor discussed Harald's evolution in Season 2 of "Vikings: Vallhalla" and his quest for claiming the throne of Norway — and how he just might accomplish it.

Harald tries to claim his destiny

At the mention of Harald's focus on claiming the throne of Norway this season, Leo Suter said, "That's what he wants." He was happy to elaborate on Harald's determination to take what he feels is rightfully his: "It's so clear, and it's such a driving force of his. The blinkers are on, and he has to get there. Over the course of the season, he assembles this ragtag crew to help get him to Constantinople, where he can become a rich man, his dreams will come true, and he can come back and claim what's his."

While it won't be an easy path, Harald's resolve will likely help him get what he wants — though that doesn't mean it's not possible for him to change. "He's so single-minded and so headstrong, and that's great in some respects," Suter said, "but on the course of this journey, we're seeing the transformation of Harald Sigurdsson [into] Harald Hardrada, which is the nickname for when he was king."

Of course, no one can be a successful leader on their own, and Harald is no exception. "One of the things he's got to learn is he's got to get the best out of people, and the team has to work together," Suter explained. "Leif reminds him of that when things are going wrong on the river and they're trying to figure out how to cross this waterfall and avoid ice floes. Every member of that folk crew has to pull their weight, and he has to get that out of them."

Season 2 of "Vikings: Vallhalla" is now streaming on Netflix.