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13 Things We'd Like To See In Netflix's Wednesday Season 2

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When it was first announced, many longtime "The Addams Family" fans were curious as to how Netflix's "Wednesday" series would turn out. Would the show please hardcore fans or would it go the way of many recent Netflix projects and end up being canceled prematurely? Well, after breaking viewership records, previously set by "Stranger Things," it's safe to say that "Wednesday" hit all the right notes.

The series follows the titular Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega) who has been sent to attend Nevermore Academy. The school is shown to be rife with various other odd children, including werewolves, sirens, shapeshifters, and telepaths as well. Though initially resistant to her new environment, the precocious Wednesday soon finds herself caught up in a supernatural conspiracy. With bodies piling up day after day, Wednesday must now solve a mystery that concerns both the school and her own family's past.

With a second season officially greenlit, it's a perfect time to discuss what should happen in Wednesday's second multi-episode outing. So braid your pigtails and grab yourself a quad, because these are 13 things we'd like to see in Netflix's "Wednesday" Season 2 – warning, Season 1 spoilers ahead.

Wednesday and Enid's friendship

One of the most endearing aspects of Season 1 is Wednesday's slowly burgeoning friendship with her roomie, Enid Sinclair (Emma Myers). In a very "The Odd Couple" scenario, Wednesday's gothic and dower attitude immediately clashes with Enid's colorful and uber-positive personality. At first, Wednesday wants nothing to do with Enid, even going as far as to divide their shared space with duct tape. However, slowly but surely, the two begin to grow on each other which makes for some very emotional and comedic moments.

A perfect example of this is Wednesday slightly comforting Enid by sharing a sad childhood story with her. Partway through the first season, they have an argument that results in Enid temporarily vacating as Wednesday's roomie. However, following the attempt on Thing's life, Enid returns, claiming that Wednesday needs someone watching her back. Enid also notes that she isn't going to apologize for who she is and that, for whatever reason, Wednesday and her make a good pairing. Wednesday, in her own detached way, embraces this and opts not to divide the room with tape anymore.

Add to that, the two finally share a hug in the season finale, something Wednesday had been resistant to, and it's clear they legitimately care for each other. It also helps that Ortega and Myers have stellar chemistry with each other, making for a charming onscreen friendship that we hope continues in Season 2.

A second Wednesday cello session

In the season's inaugural episode, we get to see Wednesday show off a wide range of skills — including sword fighting, fixing an espresso machine, and playing the cello. Ahead of the episode's closing sequence at the local carnival, Wednesday plays the instrument on her dorm room balcony. Her song of choice, a cover of The Rolling Stone's hit song, "Paint it Black," should be easy to recognize for any rock fan. One wouldn't think a cello cover of this song would even work but, much like the show itself, it's quite the welcome surprise.

There's a reason the YouTube release of the cover has amassed over four million views – it really is that catchy. The sequence the track accompanies is also very well done, with Wednesday's song being heard by various students and faculty of Nevermore. The show could've honestly had an entire episode dedicated to Wednesday's cello prowess and we'd have been thoroughly satisfied. The track fits the show's youthful yet gothic tone perfectly, making for a superb orchestral earworm. Hopefully, Season 2 will see Wednesday cover more rock hits from the '60s and '70s on her cello.

More Morticia and Gomez flashbacks

Season 1 features cameos and extended appearances for several prominent "The Addams Family" characters, including Wednesday's parents, Morticia and Gomez. Now, if you've been on the internet at all in the past decade, you'll already be aware of the intense fandom for Morticia and Gomez. From couples cosplaying as them to fans making music video tributes on apps like TikTok, it's clear that Morticia and Gomez are relationship goals for many.

This time around, they are played by Catherine Zeta-Jone and Luis Guzmán, who both definitely put their own stamp on the classic characters. Despite that, the two are as infatuated with each other as in any previous version, doting on each other any chance they get. This of course makes for some genuinely hilarious moments with Wednesday who is always put off by her parents' excessive affection.

In Season 1, we're shown flashbacks of Morticia and Gomez's past dealings at Nevermore (played by Gwen Jones and Lucius Hoyos, respectively), specifically a murder Gomez took the wrap for. This makes up a solid chunk of the season's mystery and does a good job of adding a unique wrinkle to these versions of the characters. Hopefully, we're shown more of Morticia and Gomez's past when "Wednesday" returns for a second outing in the future.

Were-Enid returns

Throughout Season 1, Enid struggles with her lycanthropic condition, or lack thereof, as she's unable to fully wolf out. Making matters more difficult is Enid's mother, Esther (Amanda Drew), who has nothing but passive-aggressive comments for her own daughter. During a parents' visit at Nevermore, Esther even insists on shipping her off to a wolf camp to help her transform successfully. Enid manages to stand up for herself, telling her mother that if she's going to wolf out, she'll do it when she's ready. It's a lovely moment for the character, made even better by receiving support from her father, Murray (Ryan Ellsworth), who tells her to keep being who she is.

This subplot comes to a head in the season finale when Enid runs off into the woods to save an endangered Wednesday. At the same time, however, the full moon rises and Enid finally begins transforming into her full-werewolf form. The timing works out as, at the same time, Wednesday is mere moments away from being murdered by Tyler (Hunter Doohan) in his Hyde form. Wednesday's reaction to seeing her best friend in her monster form is enough to make the scene entertaining as it is. Given the effective nature of this reveal, we can only hope that we'll be getting more of Were-Enid in Season 2.

The identity of Wednesday's stalker

"Wednesday" Season 1 ends with everything, mostly, tied up with a nice black bow on top. With all of the bad guys soundly defeated and Nevermore saved, all seems fine for the most part. With Principal Weems (Gwendoline Christie) dead, all the students are being sent home for the rest of the year, leaving the school's future in question.

As the episode wraps up, Wednesday says goodbye to her friends for the time being, including Xavier (Percy Hynes White), who she'd been investigating all season. Xavier forgives her for her tenacious suspicions and notes that being friends with her should come with a warning label. As a parting gift, Xavier brings Wednesday into the modern world by gifting her an iPhone with his number already inside.

However, we're left with one doozy of a cliffhanger in the form of a series of text messages received by Wednesday in the episode's closing moments. She is sent a series of stalker pictures courtesy of an unknown messenger, complete with a series of emojis promising her demise. Wednesday wonders if Tyler and Gates (Lewis Hayes) are simply pawns in a bigger game and if her stalker will become a bigger threat. As a setup for Season 2, it's very effective and definitely has fans salivating to see what happens to Wednesday next.

More from the Nevermore students

One aspect of Season 1 that could've been elaborated on just a bit more was the melting pot that is Nevermore. The school is shown to be a hardy mix of different types of outcasts, aka kids with supernatural abilities. This includes werewolves like Enid, sirens like Bianca (Joy Sunday), and even male medusas, known as gorgons, like Enid's love interest, Ajax (Georgie Farmer). This makes for some very interesting interactions and helps to make Nevermore feel like an actual school filled with different types of students.

However, the show only goes so far with the concept, as we largely follow Wednesday for most of the season. While Wednesday herself is a well-written character, it would've been nice to see more into the personal lives of the other students. We're given a small taste of Bianca and Enid's home life issues in Episode 5 but beyond that, not much else.

In Season 2, it would be neat to see other types of supernatural students, such as zombies or even invisible students. Additionally, giving ample time to the other key Nevermore students — Bianca, Xavier, and Eugene (Moosa Mostafa) – could really help give the next season a wider scope.

Tyler returns

Season 1's main mystery concerns a series of gruesome murders committed near Nevermore and its neighboring town, Jericho. The creature behind it is soon identified by Wednesday as a Hyde, a human being who can transform into a hideous and bloodthirsty beast. The design of a Hyde can be described as almost a cross between the Incredible Hulk and the snake creature that Beetlejuice turns into. Throughout the season, we're given a red herring in the form of Xavier, one of Wednesday's fellow Nevermore students. This is due to him always being nearby when a Hyde claims one of its victims, something Wednesday is quick to point out.

However, it's eventually revealed that the Hyde in question is none other than Tyler, the son of the local sheriff and Wednesday's love interest. We learn that Tyler's deceased mother Francois was also a Hyde and even attended Nevermore alongside Morticia, Gomez, and Weems. It seems Tyler became a pawn in Laurel Gates' (Christina Ricci) plan and was slowly drugged by her into fully embracing his Hyde form.

Tyler is eventually subdued in the season finale and ends up carted off by the authorities following the defeat of Gates and Crackstone (William Houston). However, in the finale's closing moment, we're shown Tyler turning into a Hyde inside the transport vehicle, presumably about to escape. We have yet to see what Season 2 will focus on, so whether or not Tyler will return in any capacity is yet to be seen.

Another dance scene

Yes, it's the scene that the internet has fans inspired to hit the dance floor, and for very good reason. In Episode 4, Wednesday gets shanghaied into attending the Rave'N — Nevermore's equivalent of a prom or school dance. This is due to Thing sending Tyler a note telling him that Wednesday wanted to attend with him, much to her legitimate shock and horror. As usual, seeing Wednesday react with fear and apprehension to normal teen things will always result in the best comedy.

Tyler and Wednesday take to the dance floor where The Cramps' 1981 cover of "Goo Goo Muck" begins to play. Wednesday then proceeds to bust out some dance moves that'd put Powerline from "A Goofy Movie" to shame. This is also a neat Easter egg for longtime "The Addams Family" fans, as the original Wednesday in the '60s classic TV series, (Lisa Loring), was known for her dance moves as well.

The YouTube clip of Wednesday dancing has amassed over 35 million views since its release at the tail end of November 2022. Additionally, this also triggered a tidal wave of various "Wednesday" fans putting their own spin on the dance via apps like TikTok. Needless to say, Netflix knew they had a viral sensation on their hands, even mentioning it in the Season 2 announcement trailer.

Nevermore's new principal

A key player in Season 1 is Larissa Weems, the principal of Nevermore Academy. Christie, as usual, brings her now-standard mix of charm, wit, and legitimate comedic timing to a role that in lesser hands probably wouldn't have worked. Through the season's events, we learn that Weems is a shapeshifter and seems willing to do anything to protect Nevermore, even if it means hiding the truth. This causes Weems and Wednesday to butt heads quite a few times throughout the season, especially as Wednesday's investigation causes more issues for Nevermore. However, in the season finale, Weems turns a corner when she uses her shapeshifting to aid Wednesday in getting the truth from Miss Thornhill, aka Laurel Gates.

Sadly, this revelation comes at the cost of her life, as Weems is injected with a fatal dose of deadly nightshade. Weems dies, leaving Nevermore without a principal for the long foreseeable future, causing the semester to conclude prematurely. With Season 2 officially announced, it's definitely worth wondering who could take Weems' place when Nevermore opens its doors once again.

Bianca dealing with her mother

One character who we could've seen a lot more of in Season 1 is Bianca Barclay, a siren student, and Wednesday's main rival. When we are first introduced to Bianca, the show immediately positions her as Wednesday's academic foil through an entertaining fencing duel. This immediately sets her up as an overachiever and just a bit pompous; not one of the more endearing characters. We also learn that just prior to Wednesday's arrival, Xavier and her had broken up, making his interactions with Wednesday all the more infuriating for Bianca. However, as the season rolls on, the show slowly peels back Bianca's layers a bit more, showing there's more than meets the eye.

In Episode 5, when the Nevermore student's families come to visit, Bianca is visited by Gabrielle (Gracy Goldman), her egotistical mother and creator of the Morning Song app. Gabrielle wants Bianca to abandon Nevermore and come home to help with this blatant grift, claiming it's where Bianca should be. She even goes as far as to chastise Bianca for her desire to fit in anywhere, claiming no one will ever accept her. At the episode's conclusion, Bianca agrees to temporarily return home but only if afterward she never has to see her mother again.

Wednesday and Xavier's relationship

Throughout the season's events, we see Wednesday slowly come out of her shell more and more due to her various relationships. This includes her friendships with Enid and Eugene, but also her weird romantic tension with both Tyler and Xavier. Given Tyler's past dealings with Xavier, including an incident involving the latter's art piece, the two aren't fond of each other. Love triangles, especially in supernatural teen mystery shows, are cliche to be sure, but "Wednesday" uses this trope in an effective way. The show positions Tyler as the more charming of the two and slots Xavier into the role of the season's red herring.

When Wednesday begins suspecting Xavier of being the killer Hyde, there's very little to convince her, and by proxy, the audience otherwise. Also, given that Xavier keeps painting the Hyde over and over again, the evidence against him becomes fairly substantial. However, it's only after Wednesday gets Xavier arrested, that we learn the truth that Tyler has been the Hyde the entire time.

Once Xavier is exonerated, he is able to forgive Wednesday for her suspicions and even gives her a brand-new iPhone. He's even so bold as to leave his number in it, just in case Wednesday ever wants to chat. Hopefully, in Season 2, we'll be given more scenes that flesh out Wednesday and Xavier's burgeoning relationship.

More of Uncle Fester

Any "The Addams Family" fan worth their black mascara knows who Uncle Fester is, the twisted yet charming brother of Gomez Addams. For decades now, the character has been a constant in every version of the family, even getting his own Nintendo game at one point. This time around, Fester is portrayed by Fred Armisen, best known for his work on "Portlandia," "Saturday Night Live," and countless other comedic shows and films.

In just a few moments, Armisen proves he understands what makes Fester so entertaining, easily showcasing the character's specific brand of psychosis. From mentions of his various crimes to eating ketchup, this version of Fester definitely gives Christopher Lloyd a run for his money. It also helps that Armisen has wonderful chemistry with Ortega, both portraying a depraved but caring uncle and niece. His interactions with Thing are also priceless, especially when Thing attempts to choke Fester to death for a previous heist that went wrong. Even though he's only around for one episode, this version of Uncle Fester definitely leaves a sizable impact on the viewer. Hopefully, Armisen will be willing to rock the bald cap and black cloak one more time in Season 2.

More of Thing

One of the major highlights of Season 1 is Thing, a member of the Addams clan who is literally a sentient hand. Why he's just a hand we're never told as, per Wednesday herself, it's one of the great Addams Family mysteries. In Episode 1, Morticia and Gomez send Thing into Nevermore to make sure Wednesday doesn't try to escape as she has before. Very quickly, however, Wednesday figures this out and is able to, at first, rope Thing into helping her escape but then into helping with her investigation. Very quickly, Thing becomes a fan favorite, resulting in several comedic moments and even a genuinely dramatic one as well.

There comes a point where Thing is stabbed and almost dies, something that drives Wednesday to tears for the first time all season. It's impressive how much emotion they're able to milk from what's essentially a person's hand with some added visual effects. Being a tangible special effect certainly helps (as if Thing was CGI), but we highly doubt his scenes would be as entertaining. With Season 2 slated for the near future, we definitely hope that we'll be seeing more of Thing.