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Wednesday Just Became Netflix's Second-Most-Watched English Language Series Ever

Wednesday Addams is coming for those "Stranger Things" kids — and none of them, not even Suzie, can stop her. The new series "Wednesday," which centers on the iconic character, has set the internet aflame since its Netflix debut, generating memes and backlash alike. During the process, it also managed to break viewership records for the streamer, while somehow nabbing two Golden Globe nominations, surprising both critics and viewers. Meanwhile, Jenna Ortega, who plays Wednesday in the series, has been ordained as a rising star.

While the show recently became the first English-language Netflix series to surpass 400 million hours watched in one week (via The Hollywood Reporter), it has now hit yet another milestone that places it in the company of only "Squid Game" and "Stranger Things." In one metric, it even managed to outmeasure "Stranger Things," essentially cementing its new status as the runaway hit of the year. Perhaps the most surprising news, however, is that it recently trounced "Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story" in one very important way.

Wednesday passed Dahmer in just its third week on the charts

Overall, it was a great week for "Wednesday." In addition to outperforming "Harry & Meghan" on Netflix's Top 10 list, the Tim Burton-produced series also managed to amass 269,670,000 hours viewed between December 5th and December 11th. According to Netflix, that means the show has officially become the platform's third-ever title to hit one billion hours viewed in its first month. Sure enough, only "Squid Game" and Season 4 of "Stranger Things" have done the same. On top of that, "Wednesday" managed to even beat "Stranger Things" in one notable way: while "Stranger Things" Season 4 did have more hours viewed at this point in its first 28 days, it did not have as many different households watching it as "Wednesday" (via Deadline).

However, "Wednesday" has managed an even greater feat that isn't related to "Stranger Things" or "Squid Game." With its latest huge viewership numbers, it has also overtaken "Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story" to become Netflix's second most popular English-language show of all time (via Variety). That's a big title for a show that was previously just a blip on everyone's pop culture radar.

That said, now that "Wednesday" has dethroned "Dahmer," could the show possibly become bigger than "Stranger Things?" This was only the first season of "Wednesday," after all, whereas "Stranger Things" had far more time to gain viewers before its record-breaking Season 4. As one might say, stranger things have happened.