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1923's Brian Geraghty Claims Nothing Was Held Back In Making The Series - Exclusive

Actor Brian Geraghty is no stranger to big-budget TV shows, having appeared on "Boardwalk Empire," "Chicago P.D.," and "True Blood," among others. Now, he may be part of the biggest series of his career so far by starring in the Taylor Sheridan creation "1923," a spin-off origin story for "Yellowstone" that streams on Paramount+ on Sundays.

As Zane, Geraghty plays a fiercely loyal ranch foreman and stars alongside living legends Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, who portray Jacob and Cara Dutton. Together, the trio defends the Yellowstone ranch from an intense period of drought during Prohibition and the pre-Depression era in mountainous Montana.

The third installment of the "Yellowstone" universe, which also includes the original spin-off "1883," broke a record for Paramount+, debuting as the premium streaming service's top new premiere of the year. The news probably came as no surprise to Geraghty, who spoke about the overwhelmingly impressive production during an exclusive interview with Looper, in which he all but predicted its success.

Geraghty admits it was 'intimidating' stepping onto such an elaborate set

Both "Yellowstone" and "1883" have also broken records a la "1923," raking in millions upon millions of viewers — and because of this, it seems like each new series Taylor Sheridan creates gets a bigger and bigger budget. It's a notion Brian Geraghty confirmed when asked what the most impressive part of stepping onto the "1923" set for the first time was.

"The most impressive part was the scope and size of the production," he said. "It seemed massive, which is always intimidating. But you always have the best chance for success with the more thought and time and, unfortunately, money that they put in — and you could see that they were not holding back."

But it's not just about how much money gets dumped into a project that makes it a success, as a perfect storm of factors must come together to create a series that viewers actually want to tune in to.

"Then there were the scripts, which you already know are going to be great from Taylor Sheridan; and then you have the actors, starting with Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren ... and everything was set up to win," Geraghty said. "The cherry on top is you already have [hit series] 'Yellowstone,' which this is the origin story of. The whole thing is pretty incredible."

New episodes of "1923" stream on Sundays on Paramount+.