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Amazon's Warhammer 40K Series Cast, Development Details And More

A new "Warhammer 40K" TV series from Amazon is on its way, and early details are looking pretty exciting. Amazon Studios hasn't been shy about dipping its feet into the game adaptation market. Between series based on "God of War" and "Fallout" (both of which are currently in development) and a "Mass Effect" production seemingly in the cards, the studio is firing on all cylinders when it comes to translating beloved game properties into live-action shows. Now, Amazon is taking another step forward with the announcement of a series based on the classic miniature wargame "Warhammer 40K."

In a surprising turn for the "Warhammer 40K" franchise, Amazon Studios announced in a press release that it had acquired the global rights to the brand across film, television, and so on. The company already has plans to develop multiple projects based on "Warhammer 40K" across various mediums, but the flagship title for this new endeavor will be a "Warhammer 40K" series. Here's everything we know about the project so far.

When will Amazon's Warhammer 40K series be released?

A release date for Amazon's as-yet-untitled "Warhammer 40K" series has not been announced, nor has any sort of release window. Amazon announced its acquisition of the rights to the franchise on December 16, 2022, meaning that this flagship project is still early in development. It's possible that an actual release date could still be months or even years away, depending on how smoothly the development process goes.

As a point of reference from a similar production, early reports that Netflix was developing a show based around the universe of the book and game series "The Witcher" first surfaced in early 2017. It was nearly a year later that the pilot script for "The Witcher" was completed, and it took another two years or so for Season 1 of the project to actually hit the service, debuting in late 2019. "Warhammer 40K" could undergo a similar development process, though there's no guarantee it will.

What is the plot of Amazon's Warhammer 40K series?

While a specific plot synopsis has not yet been detailed for Amazon's "Warhammer 40K" series, it has been confirmed that the show will draw from the same premise and futuristic setting as other works in the franchise. Like sister franchise "Total War: Warhammer," "Warhammer 40K" is known for its rich lore and extensive world building. There are a lot of areas of the fictional universe that the series could draw from.

In an official press release, Amazon Studios and Games Workshop included a synopsis for the story the team hopes to produce. The summary reads as follows: "'Warhammer 40,000' is set in the far future, where humanity stands at the edge of what might be its brightest future or its darkest age. The threats to humankind's empire are many — traitors driven by the fires of ambition, alien empires sworn to reclaim the stars, and the corruption of reality by malevolent gods."

Who is starring in Amazon's Warhammer 40K series?

It may still be early days for Amazon's "Warhammer 40K" series, but the project already has one major star attached to it: British actor Henry Cavill. Known for roles such as DC Comics hero Superman and Geralt of Rivia in Netflix's "The Witcher," Cavill has inked a deal to star in Amazon's adaptation of the miniature wargame in a yet unknown role.

Cavill has long been a vocal fan of the "Warhammer 40K" franchise, and expressed interest in joining any live-action productions. "To all of you 'Warhammer' fans out there, I promise to respect this IP that we love," Cavill wrote in a photo caption on Instagram. "I promise to bring you something familiar. And I endeavour to bring you something fantastic that is, as of yet, unseen."

Who is producing Amazon's Warhammer 40K series?

Henry Cavill won't just be the star of Amazon's "Warhammer 40K" series — he's also set to be one of its guiding creative forces. Cavill will serve as an executive producer on the series, along with other "Warhammer 40K" productions at Amazon. "For 30 years I have dreamt of seeing a 'Warhammer' universe in live action," Cavill wrote in a caption on Instagram. "Now, after 22 years of experience in this industry, I finally feel that I have the skill set and experience to guide a 'Warhammer' Cinematic Universe into life."

Cavill is joined by Games Workshop's creative director Andy Smillie and head of product and supply Max Bottrill, who will also serve as an executive producer on the series. Amazon Studios and Vertigo Entertainment will also oversee the project. "It's great news and we're absolutely thrilled; we're working with a fantastic triumvirate in Henry, Vertigo, and Amazon," Smillie said in the official press release.

While these key creative figures are already attached to the production, "Warhammer 40K" still doesn't have any writers, directors, or showrunners. "Our first steps are to find our Filmmaker/Creator/Writer," Cavill confirmed on Instagram. "Watch this space, my friends."

Where to watch and play previous Warhammer 40K productions

A big-budget, live-action adaptation of "Warhammer 40K" is certainly a major step forward for the intellectual property, but it's also far from the first time the miniature wargame has been adapted into other media.

A 2010 CG-animated movie, "Ultramarines: A Warhammer 40K Movie," focuses on the titular group of Space Marines and features some major voice talent, including John Hurt and Sean Pertwee. Unfortunately, this movie is hard to come by through official channels; the only way to watch it in most regions is to get it on DVD. There's also "Hammer and Bolter," an animated anthology series that focuses on various characters in the "Warhammer 40K" universe. Curiously enough, the only way to watch this piece of content is to subscribe to Warhammer+, Games Workshop's own proprietary "Warhammer" streaming service, which also houses several other animated specials set in the world of the game.

Of course, there's also the prolific "Warhammer 40K" video game series. There have been numerous "Warhammer 40K" games, dating back to the 1990s, and the series is still going strong with releases for modern platforms. 2018's "Warhammer 40K: Mechanicus" is available to play on the Xbox One and Series X/S line of consoles, Sony's PlayStation 4 and 5, and PC. It was fairly well-received by critics too, so it may be worth checking out for fans eagerly awaiting Amazon's adaptation.