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1923's Darren Mann 'Hunted Down' Taylor Sheridan For His Role - Exclusive

Up-and-coming star Darren Mann has landed the role of a lifetime starring alongside Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren in Taylor Sheridan's "Yellowstone" origin story "1923."

As dedicated rancher Jack Dutton, Mann plays the son of John Dutton Senior (James Badge Dale) and great-nephew to Jacob and Cara Dutton (Ford and Mirren), who is deeply loyal to his family. As Darren Mann revealed during an exclusive interview with Looper, it's a role that he pursued, "hunt[ing Sheridan] down" for years trying to get on his radar — and that persistence paid off.

Sheridan got his start as a filmmaker with movies like "Sicario," "Wind River," and the Oscar-nominated "Hell or High Water," moving into television in 2018 with the wildly popular "Yellowstone." He has since created a television empire, with hit spin-off "1883" and the Sylvester Stallone-led "Tulsa King." Now, "1923," which premieres December 18 on Paramount+, is set to be Sheridan's next blockbuster — and Mann is finally along for the ride.

Mann spoke about why he wanted to work with Sheridan so badly during our interview.

Mann is in awe of how Taylor Sheridan 'reinvented Westerns'

In "1923," Darren Mann's character, Jack, is an integral part of the Dutton dynasty, helping Jacob and Cara steer the ranch in the right direction during a major drought that unfolds in the age of Prohibition and the pre-Depression era. Although he's engaged to be married, the ranch and its cattle always come first.

It's a role that means a lot to Mann, especially because Taylor Sheridan is involved. "It's a dream come true," he said. "I've wanted to work with Taylor Sheridan for years. I'm such a fan of his films, like 'Wind River,' 'Sicario,' and 'Hell or High Water' — these are some of my favorite movies ever. So I've been trying to hunt him down for a while."

As for why Sheridan is such an idol of his, Mann said, "It's really neat what he's done with 'Yellowstone,' the way he's reinvented Westerns. He's brought them back to life. It's tough nowadays to get what you make seen, with how much content is out there. To get to be a part of something that already has such a huge, loyal fan base is really special and unique, and I'm very grateful for it."

"1923" premieres on December 18 on Paramount+.